Choosing to study liberal arts abroad could be a great way to earn valuable credits towards your degree while simultaneously seeking out an international adventure.[i] The experiences you gain may potentially give you a new perspective on your chosen concentration as well as open your mind to aspects of the culture you’re temporarily living in that make it unique from the rest of the world. You may wind up on almost any continent in the globe and come out with life-changing memories that not only may affect your future education, but your personal growth as well.

Why Study Liberal Arts Abroad?

Studying liberal arts overseas could be great opportunity to study your current academic pursuits in a country you want to explore. You could engage with a number of programs like the arts, natural sciences, social sciences, and management just to name a few. By studying these topics internationally, you could gain a new perspective on your concentration. For instance, language studies in Italy may give you a grasp of local dialects and accents. Or, perhaps you’d be interested in pursuing fine arts in France which could expose you to their distinct techniques and methods. Studying abroad could be a great opportunity to take a new look at your education! And isn’t a well-rounded, diverse education what liberal arts is all about?

Your specific program may also offer planned excursions – either as part of the curriculum or as an addition. This could be a great way to take a tour of the region and experience life as the locals do. Speaking of engaging with the locals, many programs may have you live either with a host family or in typical housing in a nearby area. What a great way to fully immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of your study abroad country.

What Could You Gain from a Liberal Arts Abroad Experience?

While the academic portion of this venture is the focal point of your study abroad experience, that doesn’t mean the experience stops there! There’s plenty to do outside the classroom door – you just have to know where to look! Here’s a few things you could look forward to when you study liberal arts abroad:

  • You could have the chance to interact with other international students. Besides hanging out with students from the country you’re studying in, you may have the chance to meet students from around the globe taking part in your program.
  • There could be a whole new country outside your door to explore! Whether you’re delving into your country’s history, exploring its city centers, or traversing its wilderness, there could be something for everyone. You might even want to check out country specific pages here on for some quick to-do hints!
  • So, elective courses may still be in the classroom, but they’re fun! Programs may offer courses in things like winemaking, hiking, or other activities that are related to the region. Taking part in these might be a much needed study break.

“The value of an education in a liberal arts college is the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.” - Albert Einstein