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Summer at University of Westminster, London, offers classes (aka “modules”) in many unique and exciting disciplines: London International Business; London Media, Arts, Science and Technology; Architecutre and the Build Environment, Tourism; and Design; an
London, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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Make the most of of your summer by spending it in London, one of the most dazzling cities in the world. You’ll study and live at the University of Westminster, an historic campus with London’s most famous sites as your backdrop. You’ll learn from passionate and expert professors, choosing from stimulating classes in international business, liberal arts, and media. The campus is as diverse as this city, and you and your new friends can spend every minute of summer soaking it in.

Setting Description:
Its location in the West End of London makes University of Westminster an ideal place for students to experience the best of the city. The area is the home to many of London’s biggest attractions, and contains an impressive shopping, theater, and film district. Be sure to check out Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Olympic stadium, and the London Symphony. London’s famous underground makes it easy to travel around the city; along with London’s train and bus systems, you can access almost anything in minutes. Tour the Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and any of London’s numerous clubs and pubs. It’s also easy to get out of London and explore the rest of England- tour Liverpool, catch a Manchester United football match, or visit a seaside town on the coast. Or, if you want to leave England altogether for a weekend, it’s easy to see the rest of Europe with London’s international rail and air links!
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