Intensive Language Program in ItalyIf you are interested in a wide-ranged program that might help you gain proficiency or even fluency in Italian, then perhaps an Intensive Language Program in Italy is the perfect choice to enhance your educational and personal experiences. Italy is nestled in the Mediterranean region and the countries France, Croatia, Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria border it. Its long coast line is home to beautiful beaches and summers along the southern coast are warm, dry and akin to what most consider Mediterranean weather.[i] The northern regions are bordered by the Alps mountain range, which provides a totally different climate that is akin to what you would expect in Eastern Europe and same goes for the valley past the mountain range.[ii] All of the regions that make up Italy are uniquely their own and can provide a bit of variety when living or simply visiting those regions.

Why Pursue an Intensive Language Program in Italy?

Intensive language programs are offered in over thirty cities throughout Italy, so the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing the perfect program for you. Here are some other experiential features that might make you want to book the next flight to Italy for an unforgettable immersive language experience.

Unmatched Culture

Choosing an intensive language program in Italy means you are choosing to immerse yourself in a country that has had a powerful impact on today’s Western culture and cuisine. Italy is home to the greatest amount of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world[iii], which means you might have endless opportunities to explore and learn Italian in a practical way. There are many cities to choose from when deciding which intensive language program in Italy is right for you, and each city provides a unique cultural atmosphere that is different from the rest. The mixture of old world and new will be evident wherever you might decide to visit.

The Cuisine is Might Not What You Expect

Those who have not been to Italy or know much about Italian cuisine may assume it’s a lot of pizza and pasta. Although both these dishes are prevalent, regional dishes throughout the country vary. That means if you decide to choose a program in the Northern part of Italy, the food is likely to be completely different from what you might find anywhere else in Italy. Also you may encounter similar dishes to those you might find at home. For instance, Strudel is quite popular in the northern regions of Italy. This might be because of the close proximity to Austria.[iv]

Benefits of Learning Italian

If you are interested in learning Italian, you are in good company. There are over 80 million Italian speakers all over the world. Becoming proficient or even fluent could benefit a student who is interested in a career at a multinational company after earning a degree. Also Italian is one of the romance languages and once you learn one romance language it may be easier to learn others.[v]

Choose Your Own Adventure

There are an array of intensive language programs in Italy to fit your desired level intensity, length of program, when you want to complete your program and desired region. You have the potential to choose your own Italian adventure! Also your learning process does not need to end once you leave the classroom. Because you are in an immersive Italian environment, you have the ability to learn the language in a practical way that other countries or regions might not be able to provide for you.

Find the Perfect Intensive Language Program in Italy

The right intensive language program in Italy could very well be out there. All you need to do is look for it and you could be on a one of a kind educational and personal adventure. To search for specific intensive language programs, select a city, duration and language in the drop down menus above.  Enjoy your search!

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