One of the best ways to fully understand a subject is to teach it, and one of the best ways to understand a culture is to be submersed in it. Teach abroad programs enable people to do both and to learn, grow, and develop as students, teachers, and global citizens.

Why Choose Teach Abroad Programs

People who teach abroad are gifted the opportunity to live in another country while intimately interacting with its populace. Unlike a vacation abroad, teaching abroad enables one to interact with people on a regular basis and to see what everyday life looks like in another part of the world. Additionally, people who teach abroad have the great privilege of contributing to the lives of others through meaningful education. And, much of the experience people gain while teaching abroad, contributes excellent experience to their resumes.

Teach abroad programs ultimately serve as a cultural exchange: you, as a teacher, contribute your knowledge, skillsets, and perspectives to people in another part of the world. They, in exchange, contribute to you their own knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. In this way, teach abroad programs provide a win-win for teachers and students.

Also, many teach abroad programs offer stipends to teachers. This means that you, as a teacher, are essentially paid to explore, experience, and enjoy another culture. Yes, you will be working, and yes, you will likely be working hard, but your work will be in service of a wonderful experience that will expand your global community and transform your perspective of the world. You could even decide to choose a teach and study program, where you teach English as a foreign language as well as take courses to continue your studies.

Teaching Abroad Programs

The majority of people who teach abroad teach English as a foreign or second language (TEFL and TESL respectively). TEFL programs typically involve teaching English to people in their country of origin, and TESL programs typically involve teaching English to natives, immigrants, and other people for whom English is their second, third, or even fourth language. Numerous companies offer opportunities throughout the world for trained and untrained teachers to teach English. While some companies require teachers to have previous teaching experience or TEFL or TESL certification, others hire untrained teachers and offer training and certification as part of the program. Some companies don’t require certification at all.

For people who do not want to teach English abroad, other opportunities exist. Subjects such as history, chemistry, engineering, medicine, and numerous others are in demand in countries throughout the world.

Teaching abroad programs are as diverse as the people who apply for them. No matter your skillset, belief system, experience, or commitments, there is likely a perfect program for you.

Is Teaching Abroad Right for Me?

Teaching abroad is likely right for you if:

  • You like and respect people of different social and cultural backgrounds
  • You are willing to leap into the great unknown to deal with the challenges (and awesome rewards) of not only living in another country, but teaching in another country
  • You are interested in developing your skills of sharing your knowledge and developing a successful curriculum
  • You feel honored to share your knowledge with people who are hungry for the information
  • You feel you have just as much (if not more) to learn from people in another part of the world as they do from you

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