Why consider Geology Study Abroad Programs? If you like the idea of exploring the rocks, minerals, and other physical characteristics of a new place, maybe a geology study abroad program would be perfect for you! From surveying the volcanoes of the South Pacific to examining gemstones in Africa, there’s bound to be an adventure in geology waiting for you. And with the chance to earn potential college credits, studying geology abroad may be a step on the path to pursuing a future geology career! Naturally, you’ll have a lot of questions about what studying abroad involves, and the opportunities that may be available. Check out these FAQs for more info on study abroad geology programs.

What are potential benefits of geology study abroad programs?

Whether you’ve always wanted to study geology abroad or you are just beginning to consider the possibility, you should be aware of the possible benefits of living and learning in another country! For starters, you may be able to earn potential college credits while enjoying outdoor adventures. Imagine brushing up on petrology in Argentina, mineralogy in Mexico, or the physical sciences in South Africa! Even more exciting is the opportunity to potentially bring your studies to life through exploration. After all, studying the geological characteristics of your hometown may only satisfy your curiosity for so long. Having the chance to walk on ice fields in British Columbia, trace the geologic time scale in the U.K., or watch active volcanoes in Indonesia just might be the experience of a lifetime for a budding geologist. Studying another language, immersing yourself in a different culture, and making friends from around the world may be other great reasons to pursue a geology study abroad program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some skills that may be important for geologists include communications skills, interpersonal skills, outdoor skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Studying abroad may be an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone while pursuing these and other skills. In short, you might seek both personal and professional development while studying abroad.

What could geology study abroad geology programs potentially be like?

Geology study abroad programs are different by design, so you have a variety of options to consider. For example, you might choose to study abroad for a few weeks, a semester, or the entire academic year. You may be able to stay with a host family, in campus housing, or in another living arrangement. And you might be able to choose from a variety of host countries, each with different physical characteristics and potential opportunities for discovery! Keep in mind that not every study abroad program is subject-specific, but you may be able to pursue geology courses while studying in the location of your choice.

What are potential financing options for studying geology abroad?

Wondering about possible options for financing your geology study abroad programs? There may be a few resources available to you, depending on your eligibility. For example, grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid may be worth pursuing; do your homework to find opportunities you may be qualified for! And if you are currently receiving financial aid at your home college or university, you may be able to use those funds in your country of choice. According to the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1992, a student may be able use financial aid for studying abroad if enrolled in a program approved by his or her home institution. Check with your school’s financial aid office to learn more about potential financial assistance for eligible students.

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