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Study a wide variety of courses alongside Irish students in Cork, Dublin, Galway, or Limerick! API offers students the chance to engage with the dreamy Irish landscape while studying at the best universities in Ireland.
Cork, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Galway, Ireland; Limerick, Ireland
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:

Students may choose from a wide variety of courses in 4 locations (Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick) and will learn alongside Irish students. All courses are taught in English. Semester, summer, and year terms are available in all four program locations. Students typically receive 12-15 credits for a semester; 3-6 for a summer session. Take the plunge and study abroad in Ireland with API!

It is said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten. The Irish landscape has a mythic resonance, and the country’s history is almost tangible. In terms of Ireland’s landscape, the gentle rainfall, called “soft weather” by the locals, really does create 40 shades of green and quite a few rainbows as well. Ancient moss-covered ring forts crouch in lush valleys, while stone-strewn monastic ruins and lone castle turrets brave the wind on nearby hilltops. Many come to Ireland with high expectations of its romantic scenery, a blend of the raw and rugged with mist-covered verdancy, and seldom return home disillusioned.

Setting Description:
API offers programs in four locations in Ireland: Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick! Cork is a lively city on the beautiful south coast of Ireland, known for its great contributions to architecture, design, music, dance, theater, film, food, literature and sports. With one of the youngest populations comprising people from many different parts of Europe and the globe, Dublin has a full and varied cultural and intellectual life, which brings together the best of traditional Ireland and of modern Europe. Galway is a charming coastal city on the west coast of Ireland and is Ireland’s largest Gaelic-speaking area. Limerick City, the capital of the Shannon region, was founded by the Vikings in the 10th century, making it the oldest chartered city in Ireland.
Pre-departure, On-site, and Re-entry services included, such as advising and online resources, airport reception, resident directors, housing, tuition, tutoring, medical & life insurance, excursions, social & cultural activities, alumni network, Learning and Engagement Badge Program and more!

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Scholarships Description:
API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarships annually ranging from $250 -$1,000 per student.