The field of graphic design is one rooted in creativity and innovation, and what better way to broaden your creative abilities than by earning an international education? Consider the option to study Graphic design abroad, it's a great way to learn how graphic design works in other cultures and businesses around the world. Even if you don’t plan on living outside of the U.S., learning about graphic design in a foreign country may give you a different perspective on the industry and could allow you to see new opportunities. After all, you never know when one of your future clients or employers might be from a foreign country, and having an international background in graphic design could give you an advantage in the workplace.

Another reason to consider studying graphic design abroad is to study from the original graphic designers who utilized paint, clay and a variety of other materials and mediums before the time of computers. Imagine all of the experiences you could have in and out of the classroom, experiences you may use to fuel your abilities to tell a story using nothing but graphics.

Study Graphic Design Abroad

Don’t speak a second language? That’s no problem. International graphic design programs are available in locations such as Italy and Denmark that offer courses taught in English, allowing you to gain the education you desire in a language you understand. What’s more is that you may easily find international graphic design schools that are considered among the best of the best for academics and student services for your study Graphic Design abroad program. 

Depending on your overall professional and education goals, you could also have the chance to complement your graphic design studies with a related subject, such as photography, product design or fashion design. Why limit your career to just graphic design when there are so many more related industries waiting for you in a variety of countries?

Additional Benefits of International Graphic Design Programs

While you’re mulling over your options for graphic design programs abroad, don’t forget to consider the additional advantages that often come with completing and enhancing your education outside of the U.S. For one thing, you might find it’s more affordable to earn a quality education in a foreign country. You could also like the idea of exploring the green spaces, nightlight, art galleries and museums of Nottingham, or making all of Europe your classroom while studying in Copenhagen. 

Another great thing about studying abroad is that you may stumble on internship opportunities in foreign countries. For instance, Ireland offers a year-round graphic design internship in which you have the chance to work with top-level art directors and designers. As you’re exploring international internships, be sure to take note of ones that offer such perks as:

  • On-site orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • Accident and medical insurance
  • Housing
  • Emergency support
  • Travel in and outside of the local area

Types of Graphic Design Study Abroad Programs

Keep your own unique needs and situation in mind as you’re exploring graphic design programs abroad. For instance, would you be better off enrolling in a summer, spring or fall program? Would you like to live in on-campus accommodations, or would you prefer privately-owned shared accommodations? If you like the county in which you study, are there program resources available that get you set up with a job and help you transition to your new life in a new country? Also, are you okay with study abroad programs that have nothing but students from the U.S., or would you rather learn alongside students from a variety of different countries? Study Graphic Design abroad and you'll make lasting friendships with people in places you may have never experienced. 

Never discount the possibilities that await you by learning more about graphic design outside of the Unites States. Start exploring your options today and design your future with high definition graphics from around the world.