Summer Study Abroad Legal Studies programs may be a fantastic way for law majors and undergraduates pursuing legal studies degrees to gain knowledge of a foreign legal system and culture. The benefits of studying abroad can be both personal and professional; build up your global networks, expand opportunities for valuable internships and travel in and around your host country while you earn valuable credits. If you are looking for a unique international experience, studying legal studies abroad during your summer semester warrants consideration.

Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad Legal Studies Program?

If you are excited to learn about law, legal systems, government and political science, a summer study abroad legal studies program may be a memorable experience. Through coursework, excursions, potential internship opportunity or even a volunteer abroad experience, your education in legal studies is likely to take on new meaning. Other reasons to consider studying legal studies abroad in summer:

  • Take a break from your routine; live in a homestay, a student apartment or a student residence
  • Enjoy excursions in your host country
  • Study the relationship between law, political science and other topics such as human rights in a foreign country by visiting its local government institutions or other sites of interest
  • Boost your ability to think critically and cross-culturally
  • Improve your foreign language skills, or learn a new language
  • Participate in associations or activities within your host university
  • Take time off to explore outside of the classroom

DID YOU KNOW? In many other countries other than the United States, law is an undergraduate degree (Wiki)

What Does it Mean to be a Legal Studies Major?

While each summer study abroad legal studies program may offer different types of courses, as a legal studies major you may take courses in topics such as:

  • Contemporary politics
  • General law and legal issues
  • Human rights
  • International relations
  • Political science

How Do I Decide Where to Study Legal Studies Abroad in Summer?

Summer Study Abroad Legal Studies programs are offered worldwide, which means you have some decisions to make. Choose among countries such as England, Israel, Costa Rica, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany and China! There are different providers, each with unique features, so ask yourself:

  • Do you want to learn another language as you study legal studies in Spain[ii]?
  • Do you want to study European law in Cologne & Luxembourg, Germany and Strasbourg?[iii]
  • Do you want to study Constitutional law in Nice Paris?[iv]
  • Do you prefer to go to an English-speaking country; think Oxford, London?
  • Would it fascinate you to study terrorism and counter terrorism from a European perspective in Scandinavia?[v]
  • Is an internship an important component of your plans?
  • Do you want to settle in one country or visit multiple countries for shorter periods?

Find a Summer Study Abroad for Legal Studies makes it really easy for you to find summer study abroad programs for legal studies. You can choose a country from our pull down navigation or browse the on-page sponsored program listings. Some of these may include AIFS Study Abroad in Granada, Spain or CEA Study Abroad in Galway, Ireland and IES Abroad Sydney Summer Internship. Want to visit multiple locations? Forum-Nexus has a Political Science and International Studies program. From there, use the learn more button and contact the providers. It is never too early to begin your research. Programs usually have application deadlines, and you have to factor in the time to obtain a travel visa, ensure that your credits are transferable to your home university and other details that go into the fulfilling experience called studying abroad!!

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