Academic Year Abroad in England ProgramsStudying abroad in England has the potential of being a life changing experience for a college student. Many of those who return from their programs wish they could have stayed longer. Luckily for you, there are programs that are an entire academic year abroad in England. Programs that last the entire academic year in England give you a better opportunity to immerse yourself in English culture, pursue credits towards a degree and even have the opportunity to connect with other students from around the world.

Why Pursue an Academic Year Abroad in England?

A full academic year abroad in England has some distinctive differences from your standard study abroad program. Markedly, length of the program is not simply a semester. Instead of cramming all of your potential personal and educational experiences into one semester, you are able to relax and enjoy England at your own pace throughout the year. Because of the length of the program, there might also be a higher level of flexibility in which classes you may choose and the specific path you with to take while earning credits towards a degree, as opposed to the regimented plan you might have in a one semester study abroad program. Still not sure if a one year program is for you? Here are some other distinctive qualities that may guide you towards the right path.

  1. In terms of international student life, England has the potential of being the perfect place for those who seek to meet others from different cultures. England is the largest recipient of international students throughout the world.
  2. The majority of English residents are fluent in English and speak it every day. Those who wish to be in an immersive environment where they can test their English skills both conversationally and in the classroom, a full academic year abroad in England might be an awesome choice.
  3. When people think of England, they’re likely to think of London and the metropolitan lifestyle Londoners experience. But there is just as much to experience, explore and see in the English countryside. Especially in the warmer spring months!

Did you know? Come Christmastime, there are many pop-up ice rinks around the city of London. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it is a magical time to be in England.[i]

Testing Out the International Waters

For some, pursuing a full degree overseas sounds like a big undertaking. This is probably why a full academic year in England would be a good choice for someone to test out the idea of living in a foreign country. Those who enjoy living in England could have the potential to transfer full time to a college of their choice, or perhaps the same college they are studying at while as an international student. This span of time might be the right amount for those unsure if a full degree abroad is right for them.

Not Home for the Holidays

It’s more than likely you’ve seen or celebrated Christmas in your home country. But have you ever heard of holidays like Guy Fawkes Day, Boxing Day or the Celtic holiday of Samhain?[ii] England has an array of holidays that are uniquely their own that is tied to their rich, ancient history. If you decide to pursue a an academic year abroad in England, you have the potential to countrywide traditions that could make lifelong memories.

Immerse Yourself in English Life

Whether you are a native English speaker or you wish to master the language, learning English in the birthplace of the language might be an unbeatable opportunity for you. Virtually everyone you meet in England will be a native English speaker, so a full academic year in England could potentially test your language skills and help you learn fundamental conversational techniques that might make your learning experience even that much more fulfilling. Those seeking a degree in English or writing might greatly benefit from a full academic year in England as well.

Find the Perfect Full Academic Year Program in England

Deciding which academic year in England program could be a tough decision, but once decided you have the potential of having a life changing, unforgettable educational and personal experience. Whether you are working towards earning a degree, trying to master the English language or looking for a high school student exchange program, your perfect program is just a click away on To look for specific full academic year programs in England, click on the “Academic Year” and “Select A Specialty” menu options. There you just might find what you’ve been looking for. Happy searching!

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