Once you tap into the rhythm and rhyme of Spanish culture, you might not want to leave. After all, the culture’s bustling mornings, peaceful mid-afternoon siestas (think community-wide “naps,” or times for rest), and late night dinners provide a wonderful (and dare we say addictive?) cadence to the Spanish day. Not to mention that the country’s rich diversity—complete with home-grown culture and influence from around the world—invite in-depth exploration and plenty of opportunity for fascination and intrigue. All in all, Spain’s alluring characteristics may invite you to stay a bit longer. A semester in Spain may seem long enough, but once you're immersed in the culture, you may wish you were staying longer.

Why Study Abroad Longer Than a Semester in Spain?

Besides study (of course!), you could explore a breadth of Spain’s seventeen regions, each of which boasts a unique culture and history. You could dance the flamenco while enjoying Andalucía’s Islamic underpinnings, witness the Basque’s country’s rolling hills and luscious landscape, and taste the “pulpo” and Celtic influence of Galicia. Or, if you want to sink into one place, you could spend plenty of time (an academic year, perhaps) exploring, in depth, intoxicating cities like Madrid, Barcelona, or Santiago de Compostela.

No matter your goals—breadth or depth—studying abroad in Spain for an academic year could provide a wonderful and life-enhancing experience.

What Can I Study While Living in Spain?

Universities throughout Spain offer a host of opportunities for study. Whether you want to dive into your major or minor or knock out core, language, or elective courses (art? Music? Cooking?), Spanish schools likely have options for you. You can visit any of the programs listed here to find your perfect fit.