Colleges in Scotland | Study Abroad in ScotlandColleges in Scotland: Study Abroad in Scotland

Roughly equivalent in size to the US state of South Carolina, Scotland is a compact country densely packed with an astounding amount of history, culture and educational ingenuities. Home to several of the oldest and most fascinating universities in the world, Scotland is an excellent choice for students interested in studying abroad.

The University of Glasgow, the University of St. Andrews, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen are ranked among the highest in the United Kingdom, and provide learners with enriching and enlightening educational options. There are many colleges in Scotland that encourage study abroad students to apply. 

These four schools have been in operation since the 1400s! Can you imagine the thrill of studying your favorite topics in a castle-like school that's been around for hundreds of years? How about breaking for lunch in a serene brick courtyard surrounded by fabulous mountain and water views?

Scotlands an Ideal Location

Bordered by England on the South; the North Sea to the East; the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, and the Irish Sea to the Southwest, this country filled with rolling green hillsides has no shortage of expansive water and mountain views to stimulate your scholastic brain. Its close proximity to many other European countries also makes studying here a blast:

  • An hour and half train ride will land you in England, where you can visit Windsor Castle - home to the Queen of England - and be back to your apartment in Scotland in time for dinner!
  • You can hop on a plane, or even a ferry, and head west to Ireland to explore this fascinating island, and perhaps even visit the General Registrars Office to trace your roots!
  • Catch another train to the tiny country of Wales, famous for its stunningly picturesque landscapes of mountainous regions framed by the Irish Sea.

Weather in Scotland

Some consider the weather in Scotland to be slightly dreary, particularly in the west, with an average rainfall of 180 inches. Despite the rain in some areas, this country's climate is mild; especially when you consider that it sits on the same latitude as Labrador, where the entire sea freezes over yearly!

Most years, highs do not reach above about 75 degrees in the summer, and it doesn't generally dip below 40 degrees during the winter. If you've ever survived a freezing Midwest winter or a blazing East Coast summer here in the US, such mild temperatures sound entirely manageable!

Packing for Scotland's conditions should be a breeze, you'll need jeans and a medium-warmth jacket. No heavy snow boots to lug around, and if you bring gloves and a hat, they'll probably be gathering dust in your closet.

The ideal months to visit Scotland are widely considered to be the summer months of June, July and August. During these times, the days are at their longest with the sun peeking through until well after 9:00pm, and you're much less likely to encounter a daily drizzle. Studying here for summer or fall semester is probably your best bet.

Sights and Sounds in Scotland

Don't let the small size of Scotland fool you; this tiny country is filled with fascinating activities and sites to visit when you're not in class. Whether you're interested in historic castles, quaint city pubs or lush mountain scenery, Scotland will delight you with its many and varied treasures. Here's a sampling of just a few top sites:

  • Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire was built in the 16th century, and sits precariously atop a cliff overlooking the sea. Wander freely around the deserted barracks, stables, chapels and more as you learn about the land's importance in Scottish history.
  • Just outside Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh, the Royal Yacht Britannia gives visitors an inside look at the famous floating palace that served Britain's royal family for over forty years. Tour the entire ship-from staterooms to ballrooms, engine rooms to the bridge, and live for a moment as famous British royalty.
  • Loch Ness - will you spot the mythical Nessie? Travel to Drumnadrochit and take a gamble!

Colleges in Scotland and The Best Program For You

Along with an absorbing culture and breathtaking vistas, Scotland's commitment to education is something to be envied the world over. With so many outstanding colleges and universities, picking the one that's right for you will definitely take some research. Below is a list of some of the study abroad programs offered in colleges in Scotland. Finding the best study abroad in Scotland program for you may be as simple as finding the best universities in Scotland for you:

  • State University of New York (SUNY) offers in-depth programs in nearly every discipline. You can take classes at the University of St. Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland. Nestled amongst the pubs, restaurants and shops of Edinburgh you can study anthropology, history, art, math, physics, social sciences, geography and divinity.
  • Arcadia University partners with the University of Glasgow to bring students-particularly biology students-a well-rounded and focused education.
  • Rutgers offers students of psychology and English literature a first-class education at one of the top research institutions in all of Great Britain.

Education and More

Colleges in Scotland provide fantastic opportunities for learners interested in studying abroad. The first-class educational opportunities, along with endless occasions to learn outside the classroom, it's considered by many to be one of the top destinations for studying abroad worldwide.