Fall Semester Ireland Study Abroad Programs

A fall semester Ireland Study Abroad program might be a great way to enjoy your study abroad journey while maintaining your current studies. Don’t worry about falling behind in your coursework! With courses in English, you might have the opportunity to work towards valuable college credits to graduate. You can still explore the lush Irish countryside and culture and there may be plenty to do and see. Imagine spending your study breaks at the edge of the towering Cliffs of Moher. Or, enjoying a pint at the Brazen Head, Ireland’s oldest pub. Not only could you have the chance to engage with an international perspective via your new learning environment, but you may have the adventure of a lifetime. Keep reading to find out more about fall semester Ireland study abroad programs!

Autumn in the Emerald Isle: Studying in Ireland in the Fall

Many students who are considering studying abroad are concerned about fitting the experience into their already packed academic schedule. A fall semester Ireland study abroad program might be the solution! Studying in Ireland could be a great way to pursue your current education. Unlike studying abroad in other foreign countries, many Irish speak English as their first language. By speaking the same language, students may possibly benefit from engaging with difficult coursework from the minute they get off the plane.

Depending on the location of your fall semester Ireland study abroad program, you may have an opportunity to examine the cutting edge of your chosen industry. For example, Limerick could be a great place to study engineering. It has a high tech mechanical and electrical laboratories and the plethora of industry professionals that call the universities home. Limerick also offers a unique look at music based degrees because of its connection to traditional Irish music. You could learn about “trad” music in the classroom, and then go hear it at the pub!

Dublin, with its large collections of historical and contemporary artistic works, may be a perfect place for students to seek inspiration in their own creative endeavors. Likewise, Galway’s historic walkways might be a chance for you to take your history degree to the next level by diving into the epicenter of Irish history. Local historical sites include the Spanish Arch, Dunguaire Castle, and Thoor Ballylee. Of course, the Galway City Museum also provides a collection of more contemporary historical moments in Irish history. This is just a sampling of what you could study in Ireland. Check out the listings below for a complete list of available programs or use the menu to filter your search by interest area.

Exploring Ireland: It’s More Than Potatoes

When you think of Ireland, you probably have several images of leprechauns, shamrocks, and pots of gold floating around your head. What you might not know about, though, is Ireland’s rich folklore tradition. For example, some of the sights you could see have mythical stories attached to them. The Giant’s Causeway is a perfect example of this. The causeway, which is made from natural, octagonal shaped rock formations, resembles an expansive pathway. It is believed that the walkway was supposedly made by the giant Fionn mac Cumhiaill so that he wouldn’t get his feet wet while walking by the coast.

By doing fall semester Ireland study abroad programs, you may also get the chance to take part in the folk holiday called Samhain, which is the Irish equivalent of Halloween. Like the Western holiday, children typically dress up in scary costumes. This is a custom called “guising.” Instead of pumpkins though, the Irish usually carve faces into the readily available turnips. Many parties are thrown on this night– be sure to get out there and bob for apples and take part in the merriment! The loud noises of the party could scare off any wandering spirits.

Besides folk history, Ireland is also known for some of its “mythic” writers. The authors James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, and Oscar Wilde all called Ireland home and wrote extensively about the island. Their homes are often open for tours throughout the year. You may also find dedicated monuments in places like Dublin. Oscar Wilde’s tomb is an especially popular tourist attraction. It’s customary to leave a kiss on his grave before leaving.

Or, instead of giants and prolific writers, you might want to see some awe-inspiring scenery. In that case, hop on a bus out to country Clare to see the Burren. The expansive Irish moors not only provide sweeping views, but also offer a great opportunity to go hiking! Don’t worry, it’s relatively flat, so you won’t be too exhausted for your next stop – the Cliffs of Moher. The towering natural wonder is only a short drive from the Burren. You could make a day trip out to see both!

This is only a small sampling of things you could do during fall semester Ireland study abroad programs. Speak with your intended university, or local tourist center, to find out about popular sites and activities.

Heading Off to Ireland – Next Steps

While the leaves in your home country may be turning red and gold, the green of the Emerald Isle is waiting for you! Continue further down this page to browse some potential programs. You can also customize your list by specialty. To receive more information about Fall Semester Ireland study abroad programs, click through the program link and click “request info.” Good luck finding your perfect fall semester Ireland study abroad program!