Why Ireland Study Abroad Programs For an Academic Year?

Pursuing Ireland study abroad programs for a full academic year could provide you with the unique chance to delve into Ireland’s culture in a way shorter programs may not. Instead of only skimming the tourist sights of the Emerald Isle, you might dig deeper and see what makes the country tick. You could have a home cooked meal with a local family, wander the streets of historic cities, or simply chat about the newest craic at the pub.

The full academic year Ireland study abroad programs may offer more than just adventure (though that part is still cool). You could also have the chance to work towards potentially valuable credits while gaining a distinctly Celtic perspective on your chosen concentration. (Be sure to check with your school to see if your intended program qualifies for credits.) Sound like a perfect plan for you? Keep reading!

Why Ireland?

With so many study abroad options available, you may be asking yourself “Why should I choose frrom Ireland Study Abroad Programs?” That’s a great question – and it has too many answers for just one page!

First and foremost, students might be interested in how different areas of the country may offer potential academic benefits for varying concentrations. For example, you could pursue degrees in theatre, dance, or fine arts in the culturally rich city of Dublin. Or, you might learn more about engineering in Limerick, where they have many labs and even an aeronautical center. Of course, you could always study traditional Irish Gaelic in historical Galway.

Business students especially may find that study abroad programs in Ireland are a unique place to study. After joining the EU, and recovering from a massive recession, Ireland might offer examples and data that may not be available anywhere else in the world for you to analyze. You could learn about the measures taken to revitalize the country and maybe even apply them to future situations in potential business related careers.

English students might also have an abundance of material available to study. Writers such as James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, and Samuel Beckett all lived in and wrote about Ireland. Visiting their houses, or even paging through some of their original manuscripts, could be a great way to potentially enhance your English studies. By taking part in an uninterrupted education timeline as part of a full year study abroad program, you may have the opportunity to explore these subjects, and more!

Speaking of which, it's important to note that in a year-long study abroad program in Ireland, you might have the chance to build relationships with your international peers, as well as your professors. By differing yourself from the usual study abroad students who only remain for a semester, you could be more than just another face in the crowd! You might have the opportunity to work with others in your concentration to help you overcome academic obstacles. They may even act as future professional contacts. Who knows? You might not want to leave at the end of your program – especially after you read about what you could be experiencing all year!

Exploring the Emerald Isle

Living in Ireland year-round, you could have the chance to join in on many of its holidays – and you definitely should! While things like Christmas might be a given, you’d be surprised how many festivities are unique to Ireland. For example, St. Stephen’s Day is usually celebrated the day after Christmas. This holiday, also known as the Day of the Wren, has families remaining inside together while performers known as “mummers” go house to house with a wren. There’s much singing, dancing, and excitement to finish off the Christmas season.

Or, maybe you’re interested in the Irish equivalent of Halloween, called Samhain. The Irish believed that Samhain is when the spirits can enter the world of the living, much like All Hollows Eve. It’s celebrated with similar traditions like dressing up in costumes and carving turnips and gourds. The opposite of this holiday is Beltane, which is observed in the Summer. Beltane welcomes new life into the world, and is often celebrated with flowers and large bonfires on hilltops. Of course, you could always take part in St. Paddy’s day! Many cities host elaborate parades for this famous holiday. It’s also customary to celebrate with a pint (or maybe two). Just think, you might get to experience all these festivals if you live and study in Ireland for a full year!

Outside of cultural celebrations, Ireland study abroad programs for an academic year could be filled with plenty to do and see. Of course, the obvious choice might be to see how Irish libations are made! Both the Guinness stout and Jameson whiskey storehouses give tours through their distilleries year round. Another option could be to see the Book of Kells in Dublin. The ancient manuscript is filled with ornate illustrations drawn by monks sometime around 800 AD. Each day, a librarian turns the page in the book, so be sure to go back!  Or, if you’re looking for the perfect picture to send home to your family, go for a scenic drive through the Ring of Kerry. The circular driving route takes you by rural coastal villages, sweeping meadows, and ancient ruins. The peninsula is definitely postcard worthy!

Pack Your Bags for Your Study Abroad Program in Ireland

Get used to saying Sláinte – “cheers” in Irish – because you may be almost ready to head to the Emerald Isle! Before you hop on a plane, it’s time to find a perfect program for you. Scroll further down this page to view a list of potential full year Irish academic programs. To request more information from a program, click through the respective link and click the “request info” button. Good luck and have a great trip!