Are you looking into fall semester study abroad programs? Whether you want a taste of life in a new, unfamiliar culture, or prefer a program in a place a little more familiar, spending your fall semester studying abroad might be the perfect way to take your studies to the next level. Studying abroad may help you bolster your language skills, meet new people, and possibly foster a deeper understanding of different people, cultures, and traditions. Plus, it might just be the experience of a lifetime.

Why Consider Fall Semester Study Abroad Programs?

Attending a fall semester study abroad program may not only be a fun experience; it might also benefit you in a variety of ways. Studying abroad may expand your horizons—both literally and metaphorically. You may not only travel, exploring places and cultures you may otherwise never have experienced, but also challenge yourself in new ways.

Living and studying in a new culture may offer you the opportunity to learn more about that culture and the people in it. You may develop a broader understanding of different lifestyles and cultures, fostering a global perspective that may be valuable to you throughout your life. When you complete your degree and start your career, these skills and experiences may even be attractive to potential employers, differentiating you from the competition.

Depending where you choose to study abroad, spending your fall semester in another country may also be a great opportunity to work on your language skills. Whether you’re learning a new language from scratch or practicing one you’ve already started to learn, an immersive study abroad experience may help to take your language learning out of a textbook and into the real world.

Of course, on top of the important personal and communication skills you might develop during your fall semester study abroad program, there’s also another perk—the travel! Spending your fall semester abroad means that, on top of learning about a new culture, potentially practicing another language, and making new friends from around the globe, you might be able to spend your free time exploring some of the most exciting places you can imagine. Want to take your studies of history to ancient ruins? Explore art history in the very places that art was created? ?ike through a rainforest? Whatever opportunities most fascinate you, if you study abroad, you might be able to pursue them over the course of your fall semester.   

Choosing Fall Semester Study Abroad Programs

Do you have a certain fall semester study abroad destination in mind? You may already know exactly where you want to go. However, if you’re still in the process of making that decision, thinking about what types of experiences you want to have may help you to narrow down your options.

In some cases, your major or preferred subject area may help determine where you choose to travel. For example, those studying Environmental Science may prefer to study somewhere they might explore the rainforest, or another unique ecosystem they’re interested in. If you’re studying language, going to a country that speaks your language of choice may be the perfect way to practice those skills in and out of the classroom.

On the other hand, if your major or course of study isn’t a deciding factor, think about what you might want to do over the course of your fall semester abroad. Do you want to say in a European city with a wealth of history? Do you want to study abroad somewhere that may facilitate travel throughout other countries and cultures nearby? Do you want something similar to your home culture, or as different as you can find? Do you want your fall semester study abroad program to be in English or another language?

Whatever your preferences, great fall semester study abroad programs might be available for you to consider worldwide. Whether you go someplace close to home, or to an exciting new culture on the other side of the globe, great experiences may be waiting for you there.

Preparing for Fall Semester Study Abroad Programs

If you think you want to spend your fall semester abroad, you might have a lot of preparation to do! Between choosing a location, choosing your program, funding your trip, and getting all of your paperwork in order, how can you remember it all?  Here are a few major things you might want to make sure you have covered.

  • Your Travel Documentation – When you’re getting ready to go abroad, you’ll likely need things like your passport and visa. The specific paperwork you may need to complete may vary depending on your destination, what you plan to do there, and the length of your program. Make sure you follow up with your preferred program to make sure you obtain the right visa to do all you want to do during your fall semester study abroad.
  • Funding Your Trip – Studying abroad might be expensive! Luckily, you might be able to apply some or all of your student loans and other financial aid to help defray that cost. However, that might not cover all your expenses, especially taking into consideration transportation, travel excursions, emergencies, and other basic expenses. You may be able to apply for grants or scholarships, or even save your money to help prepare financially.
  • Academics – If you’re spending a semester abroad, make sure you follow up with your school and program regarding how this may fit into your studies. You may already have chosen to attend a specfic fall semester study abroad program for this reason. If you haven’t thought about academic credit yet, you may want to follow up on details like how courses completed abroad might support completion of your major.

These are only a few examples of the types of things you might want to consider when getting ready to go abroad. Depending on your unique situation, program of choice, and other factors, you may have additional items to add to this list. But don’t let that intimidate you! With the right preparation, your fall semester study abroad may be the experience of a lifetime.

Start Looking For Your Fall Semester Study Abroad Programs!

Ready to find your fall semester study abroad program? is here to help! If you’d like to read more about what it’s like to spend your fall semester in a particular country, you can choose that country from the appropriate drop-down list. If appropriate, you may also choose a specific subject area as well. Once you’re ready, start reading up on sponsored study abroad program listings, and reach out to the ones that sound like they may be what you’re seeking, for additional information and to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate; take advantage of this opportunity to make your fall semester study abroad something you won’t forget!