Summer Study Abroad in IrelandWhy Do Summer Study Abroad in Ireland?

Fitting a study abroad program into your school schedule could be hectic, but summer study abroad in Ireland might be a great way to have an international experience without interrupting your academic routine. Instead of worrying about missing out on necessary college requirements, you may have the chance to explore Ireland in your off time – and maybe even get ahead of the game by potentially earning valuable credits! Besides convenient scheduling, studying in Ireland might also help you develop a new perspective on your current studies. Whether you’re studying music, history, business, or another concentration, the Emerald Isle could offer you unique new knowledge and skills that might not be accessible at home. Keep reading to see how Irish summer courses could combine low-stress educational planning with an opportunity to explore the traditions – and academia – of a new country.

Irish Summer Courses

One of the common worries about studying abroad is missing out on classes required for graduation. However summer study abroad in Ireland could potentially bypass this problem entirely! By going abroad during your summer break, you might have the chance to explore Ireland without feeling like you’re pushing your normal scholastic pursuits to the side. Additionally, you could earn valuable college credit which may be applied to your graduation requirements at home. Of course, schools and programs vary, so check with your university to see if summer study abroad programs in Ireland qualify for credit transfer.

Speaking of continuing your education, there may be many opportunities for students to pursue their intended concentration on the Emerald Isle. Or simply explore new ones! For example, those studying dance and music might be interested to learn about the traditional Irish methods in Limerick. The city acts as a hub for professionals who have mastered the “trad” style. Even outside the classroom, you may find people singing in pubs in the sean nós (or old) style. Or, if you’re interested in learning the native Irish Gaelic language, you might want to study in Galway, one of the oldest cities in Ireland. Besides having a centuries old history, many Irish natives in the city (and your professors) may speak Irish as their second language. Of course, you may be able to study just by navigating to class – the street signs are also in Irish!

These are just a few of the program offerings available for summer study abroad programs in Ireland. Browse the listings below or sort by specialty to explore your potential options.

Summer Fun in Ireland

While academics are an important part of summer programs in Ireland, you might not want to miss out on your school break – so you should have some fun! For those sports lovers out there, Ireland has some that are unique to its little island. Take hurling for instance: the game is a combination of field hockey, lacrosse, and rugby. This high-octane sport is played in many colleges and universities as well as professional matches in larger cities. Be sure to stop by for a match with a group of your friends. It could be a fun, rowdy time!

The Irish are also fond of rugby and football (also known as soccer). Not only do they boast national teams in both (their rivalry with Scotland and England is legendary), but there are many smaller clubs throughout the counties. If you’re looking for an excuse to travel (let’s be honest, who needs an excuse?), you could follow these teams to their games in foreign cities! It might be a great way to not only support the guys in green, but see a new city in the heat of competition! Why not take advantage of Ireland’s location and EU membership to explore the continent?

Sports not your thing? Oddly enough, Ireland is also home to a devoted beach culture. You read that right – beaches! Small beach towns and villages have cropped up along the coasts of Ireland and could make for a relaxing day or weekend getaway. These towns are a great place to not only see the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, but surf it as well! After all, it’s summer! Bet that’s something you never pictured yourself doing in Ireland.

Other popular sites and activities to experience during summer in Ireland include the Cliffs of Moher, the Blarney Stone, the Book of Kells, and the Guinness Storehouse. Check with your intended college or university to see if they offer trips to locations. Some may even offer a student discount!

Next Steps to Find a Perfect Summer Study Abroad Ireland Program

Your perfect summer study abroad Ireland program could be waiting! To take your next steps, scroll further down this page to view a list of potential programs. Looking for a specific concentration? Use the menus on this page to choose your preferred specialty to further refine your list. When you’ve found a perfect program, apply through the college or university’s official site. Good luck!