As an aspiring interior designer, you are likely to be called upon to design a variety of interiors in a variety of styles. While knowledge of different looks, cultures, materials and furnishings are often taught in U.S. higher education institutions, why not take your education outside of the border through an interior design study abroad program? International programs of study may be just the thing you need to fully understand what it means to be a modern day interior designer, one who’s able to successfully meet the needs of clients and employers.

Something else to consider with international interior design study abroad programs is they may be a great way to further expand your portfolio as well as your proficiency level with certain types of design styles. For instance, what better way to learn how to design an Italian-inspired space than to enroll in a study abroad program right in Italy?

Interior Design Study Abroad Programs

Even if you’re currently enrolled in an interior design program here in the U.S., you might find completing your education in a foreign country to be advantageous. For instance, you have the option to study abroad interior design in Italy for an academic year in the fall, spring, or summer in a program that features rolling starts.[i] Such programs may feature 3D modeling, space planning, theory and animations. It’s not unusual to find international design schools that are structured specifically to meet the academic and professional needs of students from all around the world, which allows you to learn from your interior design instructors as well as your classmates. How many other chances in life do you think you might have to live in a foreign country while studying a subject you love and learning from students who come from different walks of life than you?

International Interior Design Internships and Graduate Programs

When you study interior design abroad, you may also find internship opportunities to help round out your education. For instance, interior design internships are available in Australia in which students learn how to use designs, codes and cultures that are unique to that part of the world.[ii] While there you have the opportunity to aid interior designers as you learn more about fundamental administrative tasks, selecting themes and modeling. You may study in Melbourne or Sydney for anywhere from four weeks to six months as you enjoy Australia’s established traditions, sports culture, beach life and migrant cultures.[iii]

If you’ve already earned an undergraduate degree and have completed an interior design internship, know there are interior design study abroad programs that offer graduate studies. Graduate interior design programs are available in Italy where classes are taught in English and students have the option of choosing one of eight one-year master courses. Concentrations include design, interactive design, urban and architectural design, fashion design, and car and mobility design. Take note that some of these concentrations might be of interest to you but not easily found in the States.[iv]

Additional Benefits of Interior Design International Programs

Besides experiencing life in another country and learning alongside students from different countries and cultures of your own, there’s a chance you may obtain skills that may transfer into your professional or personal life. For instance, you may pick up a foreign language, which might very well come in handy should you have future clients who speak the language of the country in which you studied. Learning how to live in a different country with a different culture might help you become more resilient and show you just what you’re truly capable of, which may come in handy in the future.

Rather than confine your interior design education to the U.S., consider opting for interior design study abroad programs. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is just a few clicks away.

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