Study Abroad Public Administration Programs may be a fantastic undergraduate experience for the student interested in public affairs, public policy and a public administration degree. With programs available worldwide, studying public administration abroad may be a great way to study international relations or get a first-hand understanding of political systems. Plus, you are opening yourself to meet new people, to develop confidence by getting out of a comfort zone, and learning about the language, culture and customs of your host city and country.

Why Choose a Study Abroad Public Administration Program?

As an undergraduate, one of the things you might be thinking about is where or how to get an internship and gaining experience that might benefit your resume. Also about having a good time, travelling, making lasting friendships. A Study Abroad Public Administration Program allows you to broaden your global perspective and community, see what type of volunteer or intern opportunities are out there and take courses to support your major or minor. Choose from a variety of programs depending when you are available to study abroad and which destination(s) align with your goals.

FUN FACT: As an academic discipline, Public Administration studies the implementation of government policy and may prepare students to work as civil servants[i].

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