Find a Culinary School Abroad

Why You May Want to Attend Culinary School Abroad

For those who have always been a wizard in the kitchen, enrolling in any culinary arts program may be a great idea. Anyone who is familiar with the world of culinary arts, however, also understands that not all cooking programs are equal. There are many different aspects of the culinary world that merit careful study, and this often means that many students aspire to participate in study abroad culinary arts programs, particularly in Paris. No matter what your cuisine of choice may be, enrolling in culinary school abroad programs is likely to expand your palate as well as your wealth of experience among the many different cultures in our world.

Financing Cooking Courses Abroad

Financing is a concern for many students who wish to attend culinary schools abroad. The good news is that many programs may have financial aid the same way that university programs do. Grants, financial aid, loans, and other financial options may be available for students who qualify. With enough preparation, some careful budgeting may also help students to afford at least a summer culinary school.

Types of Culinary School Abroad Programs

There are a wide variety of culinary schools abroad, from Italian cooking schools to studying the works of a patisserie in Paris. Students who are serious about becoming a top chef in their cuisine of choice might consider spending their entire culinary school experience through cooking courses abroad. There are programs that may last an entire academic year and may teach students everything they need to know. Some programs may require a certain amount of experience before enrolling. For students who wish to only spend a limited amount of time, there are shorter courses that may last only a few weeks to the entire summer.

The type of program that you apply for may depend on your level of experience and your ultimate goals. If cookery and technique mean little to you and you aspire to be no more than a fry cook at a local chain fast-food restaurant, then studying an extensive immersion course in France might not necessarily be a requirement. If, however, your goal is to be the next owner of a Michelin-rated restaurant somewhere in the world, then it might be wise to gain as much experience and education as possible and aim for the elite cooking programs that provide advanced training, education, and theory in culinary-rich cities such as Paris.

If the thought of studying in a country where they speak a language other than your own is intimidating, then rest assured that not every program has a foreign language requirement. However, it may be beneficial to study the language of the country in which you will be studying if you plan on staying there for an extended period of time. Research your program of choice thoroughly to find out if there is a language proficiency requirement before applying.

Potential Benefits to Studying Cooking Abroad

There are many potential benefits to studying cooking abroad, and some might say that it is a requirement for anyone who is seriously aiming to be a top chef. Studying culinary arts abroad offers students the opportunity to learn about new languages and cultures, and most cultures are inexplicably intertwined with local cuisine. Learning about culinary arts from other countries provides students with new ways of expressing themselves in the kitchen. It also offers the opportunity to create entirely new dishes through the fusion of different flavors and cultures. In addition, the memories and experiences gained through participation in many study programs are likely to stick with students throughout their lives. For more information on study abroad culinary arts programs, refer to our Resources section or research the available program opportunities below.