Fall Study Abroad in England ProgramsIf you enjoy the country as much as you love the city, why not consider a fall semester abroad in England? England is the largest country in the United Kingdom (UK) and has Scotland and Wales at its borders. In England the primary language spoken is English and the European English language that is spoken today originates from the region. Studying abroad in a pivotal place that shaped our world’s history has the potential of being quite an enriching experience. Perhaps having the potential to earn credits towards a degree while being immersed in the rich cultural experience in England is the study abroad opportunity you’ve been looking for. Still not convinced? Here are some other characteristics of England that might entice you to apply for your Fall Study Abroad in England.

  1. Each year England is the recipient of the biggest group of international students looking to pursue a degree than any other country. Because of the influx of students, this has the possibility of creating a special educational and social environment.
  2. There are over a 1000 museums and art exhibits throughout the country to visit, so you might never run out of new places to go and explore.[i]
  3. If you are a North American or you are located in the northern hemisphere, England’s fall might be a little wetter than you are used to. Be sure to pack your raincoat, umbrella and boots!

Did you know? Samhain is the Celtic holiday that celebrates the end of harvest. It usually falls around the time of the American holiday Halloween or the Christian holiday All Saints’ Day.[ii]

Why Choose to Spend Your Fall Semester Abroad in England?

Studying abroad in a foreign country is often on the wish lists of many students. To choose a fall semester abroad[ii] in England might be the best fit for a student who wants a destination unlike home but desires much of the comforts of one. One important facet: the ability to speak English primarily while studying abroad. This could also be a plus for a non-native speaker as a way to learn in an intensive language environment. Whatever your reason might be, the fall semester study abroad program selection on StudyAbroad.com gives you an array of academic programs to choose from.

Turn Your Worldview on Its Head

Students who study abroad often notice a change in how they view the world, themselves and others around them after completing a program overseas. Not only are you afforded the opportunity to be totally independent from your life and family at home, but your skills and knowledge will be likely put to the test in a practical way. This experience could instill a sort of confidence that could not have been gained any other way.

Ancient Culture, Modern Flair

England’s culture is a mixture of its’ ancient roots and the modernized atmosphere most of us live in each day. Be sure to enjoy and perhaps participate in rousing celebrations of Boxing Day, the Celtic Holiday of Samhain or Guy Fawkes Day.

An Opportunity to Learn English

There are a few reasons why a student would benefit from studying English in its native land. If you are fluent or native speaking, England would be a great destination to study the history of the language, literature, journalism or any other course load that may earn you a degree in English. For those who seek to learn a mastery of the English language, a fall study abroad program in England could also be a wise decision.

Perhaps Your Next Step is a Fall Study Abroad in England

Picking the right program for your fall semester abroad in England can be tough, but allowing yourself the opportunity to experience a memorable educational and personal experience is something you just don’t want to miss out on! To look for specific fall study abroad in England programs, click on the “select a specialty” menu. Once that menu item is selected you will find a list of programs that are offered in the fall semester. Best of luck and enjoy your search!

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