A Netherlands Study Abroad Summer program is worth considering, especially if a maritime climate, and stepping into the land of the Dutch Master Painters appeals to you. The Netherlands, or Low Countries, borders with Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. Its three main cities are Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. While most people confuse the Netherlands with ‘Holland’, if you are exploring the idea of studying abroad in the Netherlands, you will find that Holland is actually a region on the west coast of the country. While English is spoken throughout, a Netherlands summer study abroad program will immerse you in a land of cultural diversity, all the while earning valuable undergraduate credits.

Why Consider a Netherlands Study Abroad Summer Program?

Home to many natural parks, estuaries, nature reserves, and mixed forests, the Netherlands are known for their windmills, spring tulips, art, shipbuilding and more. There are many fascinating cities to choose from whether you want to study abroad in Amsterdam, or have your summer home base elsewhere. It is very easy to get around (trains, trams, and bicycles are very popular) and lots to explore which you can also do by water. Intrigued?

FUN FACT: To say hello in Dutch you might say ‘Hallo’ or ‘hoi’

Anne Frank House

Actually a museum in Amsterdam, if you have read her diary, why not connect to an actual in-person visit to where she wrote her story.

Art and Museums

It is very different to see a Dutch painting hang in a museum in the United States and to actually visit the places depicted in the art of Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Vincent Van Gogh, and Jacob van Ruisdael to name a few. Visit the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum or visit the Museum Speelklok in Ultrecht and see the musical box collection.


You can choose any city for your Netherlands Study Abroad Summer Program and still get here. Known for Gay Pride, its canals, parks, festivals, and terraces. Amsterdam in summer is bustling. If you go in June, visit the Open Garden Days where the public is let into the beautiful gardens of some of the older stately homes. Or check out the annual Canal Festival that makes Amsterdam seem like an outdoor concert hall.

Caverns, Canals and Caves

Many locals rent a rowboat at de Waterkant in The Hague, or paddle a canoe along the Oudegracht. You can also discover Amsterdams canals on a water bike. You are likely to want to stop at least once for food or a beer at one of the cafes or restaurants that you pass by. If you have never been inside a cave, spend some time exploring Maastricht and the caves of St. Pieter

Step Up

Sometimes the things we ‘do’ -as opposed to read about- leave lasting memories. Why not climb the 465 steps of the Dom Tower, a historic church tower in the city of Utrecht.

Something Old Something New

Culture and art are everywhere in the Netherlands. Basilicas, cafes, vineyards, shops…In fact, if you appreciate art and antiques, you will love The Hague in summer for its outdoor markets, and outdoor sculptures –and this stuff is free!


What’s to eat? Summer in the Netherlands is a time for a picnic in one of the many parks (you may recognize the landscapes from some of the paintings you have seen). The Dutch enjoy outdoor terraces for beer and bitterballen (breaded ragout balls that you dip in mustard), or bread-baskets with dips. Rotterdam is known for its restaurants, and for being hip and trendy. Other notable munchies include raw herring with chopped onions, Appeltaart, Poffertjes (fluffy pancakes served with butter and powdered sugar), stroopwafel (syrup waffle) and koffiee verkeerd (café au lait).

Find a Netherlands Study Abroad Summer Program

The Netherlands can be read about in history books but to actually experience its streets and landscapes, beaches, parks and monuments for undergraduate credit – that sounds like the experience of a lifetime. Find the right program by choosing a popular city or by selecting a subject from the navigation settings. Continued success as you enjoy the journey that a Netherlands Study Abroad Summer program has to offer!