Study Abroad in Austria

Have you ever dreamed of skiing the Austrian Alps, surrounded by centuries-old towering pines and majestic white-capped mountains? How about taking a leisurely stroll through the Austrian capital of Vienna? It is home not only to savory sausages and "The Govenator", but to the Father of Modern Psychology, Sigmund Freud, and an immensely rich ancient Roman history. Consider study abroad in Austria for your travel program. 

The Republic of Austria-landlocked in central Europe-boasts a vast political, educational and artistic culture. Because of this, it's considered an ideal study abroad location. Students of nearly every discipline are immediately immersed in the deep and varied customs of the country.

What to Expect When You Study in Austria

Austria is roughly equivalent in size to the US state of Maine, and is bordered directly by eight separate European countries:

  • Germany and Czech Republic to the north
  • Slovenia and Italy to the south
  • Slovakia and Hungary to the east
  • Switzerland and Lichtenstein to the west

The proximity of so many other countries increases the popularity of Austria as a study abroad locale ten-fold. A short train, plane or car ride can put you dead-center in any of the above countries. You may be applying for extra pages in your passport sooner than you think! The geography of Austria also allows for all types of seasonal experiences. Famous for winter sports, the towns of Salzburg and Tyrol boast excellent Alpine skiing and snowboarding, and are far less costly than the resorts of neighboring countries.
Sun worshipers that study abroad in Austria will be happy to learn that summertime is fantastically beautiful.

Welcome to the Culture Club in Austria

Studying in Austria provides learners with endless opportunities for stimulating new experiences. With the influence of so many different cultures during its developing eras, the art, literature and architecture are fascinating.
Vienna has been a center of musical innovation since the 1500s, with movers-and-shakers like Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss all penning masterpieces here.

  • See the famous Vienna Boys Choir-in service since 1498, and consistently rated one of the top choirs in the world.
  • Witness true yodeling in one of its first places of origination-the Austrian Alps.
  • Catch DJ Otzi in concert and dance the night away to Austropop.

The architecture of Austria can delight and inspire any interested visitor, especially students.

  • Take a road-trip to the Lichtenstein Castle in the summer months, where you can view the historic grounds, and take part in the annual Nestroy Theatre Festival.
  • Visit the Belvedere Palace in Vienna-housing the Austrian Gallery Museum.

Get Your Studyin' On in Austria

There are lots of study abroad experiences for students interested in visiting Austria. Programs are mostly in German-language, and range from physical and life sciences, to humanities, business and marketing.

Study Abroad in Austria for a Rich Experience

Austria is a dream locale for studying abroad. It offers unparalleled opportunities with the finest colleges and universities. Can you picture walking through an ancient town-square and going to class in an actual palace? How about taking any number of classes in German to sharpen your language skills? History students love studying the sensational architecture of the nation-both ancient and modern, along with the compelling past of Austria, and of Europe as a whole.

Austria provides students with extensive learning programs, competitive academics, fascinating history and impressive cultural experiences. It's sure to broaden your horizons-not only as a student, but as a purveyor of the past and adventurer of the present-day.