Often confused as the nation's capital, Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia with a population of 4 million. The city boasts an eclectic gathering of diverse people from over 180 different nations who speak over 140 languages. Sydney's diversity has become one of the city's strengths as the people have a solid reputation for their hospitality and friendly, easy ways.

With 20% of Australia's population choosing Sydney as the place to be, it's not hard to understand why the city has so much to offer. Centered around its beautiful harbor, Sydney offers visitors and residents an array of gorgeous beaches, and with an average of 300 or more sunny days per year, people are sure to have the opportunity to enjoy them. And for those that like to enjoy the beach in relative isolation, Sydney offers approximately 60 different beaches, assuring that it's always possible to get away from the crowds.

This is not to say that lounging on the beach all day is all that the aspiring student can hope to accomplish. Sydney also operates as a financial and commercial center not only for the eastern states, but for Australia as a whole. The economy reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Sydney's residents.