Why consider Pharmacy Study Abroad Programs?

As a student in the field of pharmacy, you are likely learning about principles such as dispensing prescription medications and how to develop and lead effective health and immunization programs. While you might be somewhat well-versed in the U.S. model of health care, including how pharmacies and pharmacists operate, many other countries have different approaches to medicine, health care and pharmacy. Learning about these approaches may help enhance your potentially developing skills as a pharmacy student, allowing you to possibly better serve people in any future career. When you study pharmacy abroad, you also might sharpen your skills in dealing with customers who hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and who speak languages other than English.

Study abroad pharmacy programs possibly help students learn more about the U.S. health care system as they evaluate how systems in other countries work. Some students are able take the pharmacy principles they have learned to apply them to future work in the United States. For instance, if one of your pharmacy career goals is to work in low-income neighborhoods, you might benefit from a pharmacy abroad program in which you study in an area that has minimal resources. It may help you understand how to better deliver health care services to people who do not have the same advantages people in other communities might have. To potentially delve even deeper into pharmacy study, consider an internship or volunteer work to gain practical experience and to get a better understanding of how health care works in various areas.

Pharmacy study abroad programs qualification

To work as a pharmacist in the United States, you must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, among other qualifications. Some pharmacy students enter a six-year program right out of high school, and some students opt for additional degrees in areas such as public health or business administration. [i] International study may help students at varying levels of progress in a pharmacy program, and you might be able to tailor your study experience to your area of focus. It is possible that your school has existing links with pharmacy abroad programs in which you might be able to spend, say, a month, semester, year or some other period of time in another part of the world. Specific programs might have different requirements, classes, schedules and financial considerations. When you study abroad in pharmacy, you have the potential to learn about communicating with people from many backgrounds and to enhance your understanding of medicine. It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

International pharmacy programs

To study abroad in pharmacy, it is often worth your time to contemplate factors such as the country/countries or region/regions in which you would like your study to take place. Does one country’s particular health care model fascinate you? For instance, the United Kingdom provides universal health care coverage with the option for citizens to purchase additional private coverage. [ii] To learn more about such a system if it interests you, you might want to study somewhere in the United Kingdom. Do you speak a second language well and/or want to work in an area where that language is common? Why not consider studying in a nation where that language is the primary one?

Types of pharmacy study abroad programs

You might have the ability to study pharmacy abroad in a program that meets your needs in areas such as time investment and financial investment. For example, some programs may offer financial aid and could be offered in varying lengths. Rarely does there come in a time in life where you can live abroad, so as you consider this multifaceted process, please check out our Resources section for further assistance should you need it.

So, does studying abroad sound like a good plan for you? If so, do your homework and find pharmacy study abroad programs that may be perfect for your needs and goals. Here are a few programs we think you’ll find worth checking out!