Why consider summer programs in Paris? If you dream of living in Paris but are unsure how to fit a study abroad program into your packed curriculum, then it may be possible to attend one of the Paris summer school programs. Paris summer programs last for just a few weeks or months and may count towards college credit and might provide a chance to study in one of the most romantic cities of the world that is well known for its fashion, food, art and culture.

Summer School in Paris

There are a wide variety of summer programs in Paris from which you may be able to choose. Some programs focus on language skills, while others may include courses in art history, French language and civilization and/or history[i]. You may also find Paris summer programs that focus on a specific major, such as international marketing and brand management. This may provide you with the chance to learn in an important international business center to enhance your education in marketing, and you may gain insight into marketing on a global scale[ii].

It may be possible to learn French in an intensive course no matter your current skill level. Learning a language while living in a country where you are immersed in the language may help you to pick up the language faster. It may be possible to transfer this language course towards your language requirement at your home university, and you may even be able to test out of your language requirement completely[iii].   

Summer in Paris

When you enroll in summer school in Paris, you may have the chance to explore this beautiful city and nearby attractions. Some programs may include official excursions, such as a trip to Fontainebleau, home to one of the country's largest royal chateaux. It may be possible to visit the home of Claude Monet[iv], or visit the famous palace of Versailles with your classmates[v]. Other programs may go further afield to London or Normandy and Brittany[vi]. The courses you take may also include excursions to popular destinations around the city, including Montmartre, Musee d'Orsay, the Marais and the Latin Quarter[vii]. There may be the chance to explore other famous landmarks of Paris on your own, including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. You may also enjoy strolling along the River Seine and eating in French bistros[viii]. It may be possible to visit other famous places in Europe as well.

Summer Programs in Paris Benefits

The summer courses you take in Paris may provide much more than knowledge. You may also have the chance to gain invaluable knowledge of the local culture. This may help you as you pursue your chosen career path, since some companies value the ability to communicate across different culture. You may also be able to include your French language skills on your resume, which might help you stand out from the competition. It may be possible to intern while you are in Paris for the summer, which may provide you with invaluable experience that you may be able to apply to your future career.

Spending a summer in Paris may not have to be simply a dream. It may be possible to enroll in a program that lasts between four and eight weeks to provide you time to learn French and enjoy the local attractions and culture. You may also be able to extend your trip for a time to travel and explore the rest of France and maybe even Europe. You may have many considerations to make when determining whether or not to study abroad, including whether you have the time, what courses you might take and more. For some students, it may be easier to commit to a summer program than to a semester or a year. Our resources may help you to determine the best course of action for you.