Fall Semester Study Abroad in France | Fall Study Abroad in France ProgramsFall Semester Study Abroad in France programs offer undergraduates the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of the country without the crowds that tourism brings in the summer months. Fall is the time when we return to school, to work, and to a certain extent, to the pressures that go along with these routines. Why not start your new academic year appreciating it as a journey and exploration by studying abroad in France?

Why Consider a Fall Semester Study Abroad in France?

If you are ready to experience the French language and culture, consider a Fall Semester Study Abroad in France program. While summer in France ends officially on the 21st of September, locals see Autumn as beginning at what the French call “la rentree” which is when schools start and summer holidays are over. [i]But this in no way means that the splendor of sunny days and pleasant weather is over! The southern half of France can be pleasant and warm bringing with it the beauty of Fall colors, and the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean may be warm enough to take beach breaks when you don’t have class, or even taking longer walks and bike trips to see the sights.

Autumn all over

Paris in the Fall is pretty. Walk along the Seine, on the Champs Elysees and through the public gardens to see the changing leaves. Or, if you enjoy nature and relaxation, plan a hike through rural France. Autumn is a nice time to visit the French countryside and take in the Cathar castles, bird watch in the Carmargue or discover the Gorge de l’Ardreche[ii]. Even the smaller French villages are quieter, which means you may feel like you are exploring more as a local than as a tourist. Feeling cooler at night? Try some French onion soup to warm you up.

FUN FACT: To say ‘autum’ in French, say “l’automne”(web)[iii]

Don’t Wine, there’s Beer

Yes, France is wine country, but the city of Mulhouse in North East France holds an annual beer festival in mid-September that might be fun to take in with your international classmates. The Clos Montmartre vineyard celebrates the Grape harvest festival in early October[iv]. Other areas do too, so it’s a great time to visit the Cotes du Rhone region in Provence for the wine festival. Or just take in the cobblestone streets of the hilltop village[v].


Chocolate lover? Visit Paris towards the end of October for the Salon du Chocolat to see how chocolate is produced and taste test.

It’s a School Year After All

Fun aside, you need to enjoy your courses, excel at school and network for potential internships. Starting your college year with a Fall Semester Study Abroad in France sounds very motivating, not to mention rewarding. Each of the popular cities has unique features and programs, so what you study is going to depend on your major, whether you are a business student, an aspiring fashion designer or you want to immerse yourself in the French language and culture.

After School

As an international student, you are learning through interaction with locals and or your host family, classmates, professors and the excursions you take outside of school. Sip a café au lait with your croissant in an open-air café as you people watch, meet friends at a nearby bistro for a late dinner, or stroll through one of the French outdoor markets to pick up some fresh quiche and macarons for your pantry.  Your time-off activities personalize your study abroad experience in France. Some of these may be planned through your tour provider while others are going to be spontaneous and fun discoveries of your host city and its surroundings.

Find Fall Semester Study Abroad in France

Finding a Fall Semester Study Abroad in France is easy. Use the navigation to choose a specific city and subject, or just browse the directory of sponsored programs. Some of the options could include studying French at the Sorbonne, completing an international internship in Provence, taking art and design classes at the Paris College of Art or taking business classes in Grenoble. Start by contacting the program providers to learn more about what is involved in terms of accommodation, application, transferring credits and deadlines. You can also read our blog for travel tips and find out how your peers reviewed their experiences.

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