Hoping to pursue your dream of participating in kinesiology study abroad programs? Studying abroad might be the perfect way to prepare for a potential career path while immersing yourself in another culture! Of course, most students embarking on a kinesiology or exercise science study abroad experience have lots of questions. What should you expect, what are some potential benefits of studying abroad, and how can you prepare for this potential opportunity of a lifetime? The answers to these and other FAQs might help you get moving on the path to an exciting study abroad experience!

Why should I do kinesiology study abroad programs?

If you’re hoping to pursue a career as an exercise physiologist, athletic trainer, kinesiotherapist, or a similar role, you might likely be studying subjects like biology, anatomy, nutrition, and more. But there may be more to your potential career path than what you’re learning in college. For example, professionals in the field of exercise science and kinesiology often need to exercise strong interpersonal skills and compassion, since they work with people who may be in physical discomfort or distress.i

Kinesiology Study Abroad Programs may be an opportunity to engage with people from diverse and fascinating backgrounds. You could work on your language skills, immerse yourself in other cultures, and broaden your worldview. Imagine yourself making new friends in Ghana, or honing your Spanish in Guatemala! A study abroad exercise science program may also be a chance to explore physical movement in other cultures. From Bikram yoga in India to cross-country skiing in Norway, you could try new and exciting exercises in their nations of origin. What a great way to potentially bring your studies to life!

What are kinesiology study abroad programs like?

Study abroad programs may not be specific to a particular discipline, like kinesiology or exercise science. Rather, they may offer the opportunity to live and study in your host country of choice, possibly allowing you to make the experience your own. You could live with a host family, in dorms, or in another type of housing. Besides your studies, activities might include language immersion, volunteering, or even potential internships and work experiences. Students may potentially benefit from opportunities to broaden their personal horizons, make new friends and contacts, and have adventures to remember forever! It all depends on the program you choose, as well as your goals and interests.

How can I prepare for my study abroad exercise science program?

Likely, your program will have plenty of country-specific suggestions and advice for you. However, some general advice may apply. For starters, learn as much as you can about your host country, and find out what sorts of experiences may be available. Always wanted to watch a soccer game with spirited fans in Spain or ride horses across the English countryside? Do some research ahead of time so you know where to go and what to expect. Just as important, approach your study abroad experience with an open mind. There may be lots of opportunities to engage with locals and learn about new forms of exercise and movement. Just bring your sense of adventure and be willing to embrace the unknown!

What are potential financing options for exercise science study abroad programs?

Potential funding options may depend on your eligibility, the program you choose, and other factors. However, according to the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1992, study abroad students may be eligible for financial aid if enrolled in a program approved by their home institution. And don’t forget to check out possible scholarships or grants for eligible students planning to study abroad! There just might be a way to make your international travel dreams a reality. Check out a few kinesiology and exercise science study abroad programs that may be a perfect fit for you.

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