An Internship in Italy is one way of combining travel and adventure, international business experience and college credit in one package! Intern Abroad programs are not-so-distant relations of study abroad programs; they share the same cultural immersion and exposure plus, unlike when you are a tourist, you get to earn academic merit. But there is more!  International internship programs, because they directly correlate to your career path, can give you that extra sense of return on your investment of time.

Why Consider an Internship in Italy?

An Internship abroad in Italy places you in one of the most culturally wealthy countries in the world. If you are looking to boost your global skills and make an impact on your professional life, an Internship in Italy places you in a country known for art, architecture, design, fashion, culinary arts and more. If you hope to make your resume stand out, an Intern Abroad in Italy is worth considering!

Getting your Search On

Italy Internships can be searched based on a specific destination city, a field of work, or a length of stay (semester or academic year).

FUN FACT: How do you say “work” in Italian? Say ‘lavoro’ (web)[i]

Live, Study, Work

Imagine how it might feel to live and study in Italy, then add an internship where you are placed in an organization that matches your career ambitions. As an academic journey you are likely to apply what you learn in class to your placement setting, as a foreign culture immersion, you get a chance to soak up the vibrant landscape, food, museums and all that Italy has to offer.

Matching The Internship with the Person

Since there are a lot of different opportunities, think of matching the region with the type of Internship in Italy you are looking for. In other words, keep your personal, academic and professional goals in mind.For instance:

  • Are you looking for an architecture or business internship? Consider a cosmopolitan city like Rome with the backdrop of the colosseum in your vista. If so, Arcadia University, one of the sponsored listings has a many potential internship programs including Trajan’s Market Museum and Lazio International
  • Are you looking for a fashion merchandising or design internship?  Consider a Fashion capital like Milan or Florence. Perhaps you will work alongside a buyer or set up window displays.
  • Are you looking for a culinary internship? Consider the region of Tuscany, and explore the vineyards and regional style of cooking.
  • Are you interested in wine studies internships in Italy? Learn about wine marketing in one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world.
  • Are you interested in a hospitality-tourism internship? Well-known for being one of the most visited countries, an Internship in Italy might be great if you already speak Italian as well as want to pick up key industry skills.
  • Are you interested in a sports management Internship in Italy? Italy is the second most successful country in European football.[ii]

Do I Need to Know Italian?

Some internships may or may not require Italian experience. You may also have to take an intensive Italian language immersion as part of your intern experience. Proficiency in Italian is usually taken into consideration when you are placed.

Speak Up

Scrolling through the sponsored listings is one thing. Before you start the application process, most providers encourage you to reach out with your questions. It is pretty smart to get an idea of:

  • Where you will be living, cost of living.
  • How you can get to class, work etc.
  • How many hours a week do you spend in your placement?
  • Will you have an academic project to complete?
  • Is there a language requirement?
  • What is included (travel, supervision)
  • Are cultural immersion activities included?

Find an Internship in Italy

Many of the ideas expressed here are based on the fantastic choices offered by the sponsored listings that you can scroll through. Usually, you narrow it down by the type of international internship you are looking for (accounting, art conservation etc.) then you filter by location. Most programs interview you, so put your best resume forward and start reviewing the different opportunities!sources: 

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