Milan, Italy
Program Type:
Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Work Types:
Animal Sciences, Arts & Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Hospitality, Journalism, Law, Psychology, Sciences & Environment, Social Sciences

Program Overview

Program Description:

Complete an internship with an international organization to differentiate your resume, earn essential skills that employers value, and grow your professional network with the API Global Internship program. Full-time internships will require a commitment of 32 hours a week.

API’s global internship programming will support your success and engage you in activities designed to refine specific skills, our on-site staff will orient you to the international workplace culture, and guide you through in-person and virtual cultural workshops as well as local visits. Capstone your experience by earning a digital badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, e-portfolio, personal websites, digital resumes and more.

CREDIT OPTIONS - Up to 6 semester credits available on some internship programs for an additional fee.

API international internships provide unique opportunities for participants to explore and cultivate their future career path through a high-quality, customized, credit-bearing placement in several exciting fields and destinations. API internship programs encompass a number of career development and cultural resources to help participants maximize their personal and professional development.


Following are a few sample placements that participants have done across the world. More information on placement options can be found in the lists below.

Hospitality Internship

This internship was held at one of the finest urban hotels in Barcelona. Internship placement duties include working in customer service, front desk operations, reservation management, group bookings, supplier management, marketing, and public relations.

Geographic Information Science Internship

The All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) is working in collaboration with the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on the release of the results from Census 2016 in Ireland over the summer months. As part of this collaboration, AIRO develops a series of new mapping toolkits for use by planners, policymakers and the general public. AIRO is also undertaking a number of funded research projects using the results from Census 2016 that will feed into new policy documents by local authorities across Ireland. Our intern worked with the AIRO project team to develop toolkits and gain experience working with a variety of GIS web mapping tools (ArcGIS, Instant Atlas, etc.), as well as being responsible for the development of new map templates using the Adobe Creative Suite. The intern gained experience in team meetings (internal and with clients) as well as with data cleaning and preparation for integration within GIS.

Marketing Internship

This organization is an independent corporate service provider of choice for international companies and financial institutions seeking tailored solutions when doing business in the UK. The intern will assist with the development of the overall marketing plan and budget, identifying growth services and areas of expertise on which to concentrate; focused on digital marketing and liaising with website and digital marketing consultants to update the website for content and hit rates; contributed to social media engagement; developed the blog and articles for onsite and offsite attention; and assisted with brochures, events and networking.

Health Research Internship

This internship takes place at a graduate college dedicated to research, training, and extension programs in several fields of social sciences. The intern will work on a project that aims to analyze regional public health policies. The intern may assist the project leader in research activities, help organize an international conference, and assist with translating project documents and papers.NGO InternshipThis internship takes place at an NGO specializing in policy-oriented research in Argentina and Latin America. Internship duties include developing proposals and building strategies with partners in order to influence government policy.

Social Services Internship

This internship is at an NGO that develops social programs for helping needy residents (particularly women and children). It provides food, housing, educational and artistic activities. The intern may help participate in workshops about domestic violence, women’s empowerment, or fine art workshops pertaining to theater and literature.

Pre-departure, On-site, and Re-entry services included, such as advising and online resources, airport reception, resident directors, housing, tuition, tutoring, medical & life insurance, excursions, social & cultural activities, alumni network, Learning and Engagement Badge Program and more!

Additional Program Information

Minimum 2.5 (3.0 for STEM) G.P.A. Cover Letter Two Letters of Reference Official Transcript(s) Résumé/C.V. University Approval Form (if applicable) Advising session All internships in Italy require that participants are enrolled for academic credit to meet immigration regulations for unpaid internships.
Scholarships Description:
API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarships annually ranging from $250 -$500 per student intern.