If you want to breathe in a balance of fresh air and urban charm, study abroad in Limerick! Limerick is located at the mouth of the river Shannon in west-central Ireland. County Limerick, which includes the city and its surrounding area, is lush and green and boasts stunning limestone sheets and unique flora and fauna. The county’s gorgeous countryside gently leads to the city of Limerick. Limerick, a city founded in 812 AD, blends its history with modern amenities and architecture. It presents a traditional but contemporary landscape and society.

Learn and Explore While You Study Abroad in Limerick

Studying abroad in Limerick might make school fabulous and fun. Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, or gap-year student, you might thoroughly enjoy pursuing credits while immersing yourself in an artistic, culturally-expressive city.

  • If you’re studying art, film, or theatre, imagine supplementing your classes with doses of expansive art museums, quaint theatres, and creative centres. Consider visiting the Limerick City Gallery of Art, the Lime Tree Theatre, the Belltable Arts Centre, and the Impact Theatre Company. If you study abroad in Limerick in the spring, consider attending the Fresh Film Festival. Creative venues march throughout Limerick and may enliven your studies.   
  • If architecture or history are your thing, imagine inhaling Limerick’s diverse styles of architecture and treasured historical sites and landmarks. Witness Villa architecture, Georgian architecture, Ecclesiastical architecture, and Victorian and Edwardian terraces. Enjoy countless historical bridges, monuments, and buildings. Take in the unique expressions and partnership between Limerick’s history and architecture.
  • If you’re studying literature or Irish studies, imagine immersing yourself in the land of Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, Irish poets, and Irish song and dance. Enjoy the literary works of Frank McCourt, Kate O-Brien, and Desmond O’Grady while sitting in People’s Park. Spend some time at the Limerick Writers’ Centre to connect with like souls. And devote a night to the Irish Chamber Orchestra or a festival to celebrate traditional Irish song and dance. Explore your beloved discipline firsthand while you study abroad in Limerick.   
  • If you’re studying business or tourism, know that Limerick boasts a developed economy and growing tourist scene. Historically, Limerick was an agricultural turned meat and commercial port city. Eventually it evolved into a home for multinational businesses and manufacturing companies. It even boasts a service and tourism sector. Not to mention that Limerick’s economy and business sector have seen their share of twists and turns. Limerick could be a fascinating place for business and tourism students to study abroad.    
  • If you’re studying sociology, humanities, or psychology, consider the fascinating informal opportunity that studying abroad in Limerick presents. As you explore culture, history, and society, you’ll likely learn a lot about people, places, and paradigms. Thrown out of your own comfort zone, you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself too. You could apply what you learn in the classroom directly to your experiences as you study abroad in Limerick. Wouldn’t that be fascinating?