England Internships

For a current college student or recent graduate, an internship in England could be the global experience that may shape their educational and professional views. Potentially securing internships in England could help you gain global knowledge in your desired career path, possibly meet important industry influencers you may not meet otherwise and give you the opportunity to network with other industry professionals from around the world. A student or recent graduate who has the opportunity to secure an internship in England might have the competitive edge in their desired career once they earn their degree or finish the internship program.

Why Apply for an Internship in England?

Students or recent graduates who are looking for a unique opportunity to travel abroad while having the potential to gain real world experience in their desired field might discover that internships in England might be the perfect choice for them. Each internship in England has distinctive features that might entice you: internship length, the possibility of earning a stipend, internships that might help you gain experience in your desired career and countless other features. Still on the fence? Here are some facts about England that might help you decide that an internship program in England is right for you.

  1. England is one of the biggest cultural melting pots in the world. Each year, England receives the largest amount on international students looking to pursue a degree or internship than any other country in the world. This creates an unmatched learning environment that you may enjoy.
  2. Most of the career or degree paths that you might desire to pursue have a thriving industry in England, so an internship in this part of the world would be a wise choice.
  3. English is spoken by over 400 million people throughout the world. That’s as much people that are on Instagram today![i] Positioning yourself in an international business setting such as England’s, that is primarily English speaking, could possibly open up other international career opportunities for you in the future.

Did you know? The world’s largest second hand book market is located in Hay-on-Wye, a small town at the border of England and Wales.[ii]

Things to Do While Interning in England

While completing your internship in England be sure to make time to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful and interesting country. Balancing out work and play might help enhance your personal and professional experience.

Interns in England Should Take Advantage of an Unmatched Global Experience

Internship programs in England are typically designed for students and recent graduates who desire to gain working knowledge of the industry they wish to pursue after earning a degree. To potentially secure an internship in England is to potentially secure a global education that might shape your world view and your future career goals.

Connect with Potential Colleagues from Around the World

England is the temporary home to the largest amount of international students throughout the world. Since there is a great deal of international students and interns, an internship program in England would be a perfect choice for someone who is looking for real world experience in their desired career path as well as the potential of meeting other industry colleagues from around the world. The potential of networking with colleagues from around the world might shape the way you think about your industry and career goals.

Learn the Language of International Business

Many colleges require students to learn a foreign language before graduating. If English is your second language, you may have practical knowledge but perhaps not enough experience conversationally or written. An internship program in England would be an intensive and immersive language experience that could not only help you learn how to master the English language, but allow you to speak the language many international businesses speak in. The potential of career growth past your internship could increase tremendously if your working knowledge of English increases.

Find the Perfect Internship Program in England

Deciding which internship program in England that’s right for you might be a tough decision. But once you possibly secure a spot in an internship program, you have the possibility for an unforgettable personal and professional experience to enhance your chances of a rewarding career. Whether you are still a student or a recent graduate, the possibilities are virtually endless when choosing an internship program in England. To look for a specialized internship program in England to meet your needs, click the “select a term” and “select a work type” menus. There you will find specific internship programs that fit certain degrees and time periods. Happy searching!

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