Whether you are interested in a Hebrew Immersion program or to learn more about Israeli customs, a Study Abroad in Israel Academic Year program may be a very memorable undergraduate experience. A relatively small but diverse country in the Middle East with a history that dates back to antiquity, studying abroad in Israel for a full year is likely to give you the time to explore while you work to earn valuable undergraduate academic credits in the classroom.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Israel Academic Year Program?

Taking a full academic year to Study Abroad in Israel gives you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Israeli culture and take in some of the main landmarks such as the Dead Sea, the wailing wall in Jerusalem, and Yad Vashem, the world central archive of Holocaust-related information[i]. Live and learn in a country that is often in the global news spotlight. Choose from a variety of sponsored programs in popular cities in Israel such as Haifa, Tel Aviv or Beersheba.

FUN FACT: A common greeting that is equivalent to “hello’, “goodbye” and “peace” in Hebrew is ‘shalom’[ii

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