Studying abroad in Galway, Ireland could be the key to the creative traveler’s heart. After all, Galway is considered the cultural heart of Ireland. The city is especially known for its devotion to Irish music, song, and dance and its celebration of creativity. Literature, film, theater, and live music all constitute a good percentage of Galway’s unique character. Therefore, students of the arts might love studying abroad in Galway.

Students of other areas might also love studying abroad in Galway. Galway is a modern city with a well-developed economy. The city is chock full of museums, galleries, and historical landmarks. And its government provides an array of services to Ireland’s fourth most populous area. Students across disciplines may find their subject in action in Galway.

And, Galway lives alongside the sea, so sea-lovers may gain immense satisfaction from its distinctly nautical feel. Walks along the ocean, cliffs high over the sea, and oceanic weather all make its location memorable. Inland, Galway’s colorful, densely-stacked homes and other buildings, bridges, and greenery make the city beautiful and intriguing. Galway is somehow quaint but expansive, busy but slow. It could be the perfect place to go to class, develop a routine, and settle into Irish scenery and culture.

Why not head there to study abroad?