Full Degree in Paris | Study in Paris, FranceIf you’re looking to earn a degree abroad, studying in Paris could be a great way to not only tap into an international education, but also immerse yourself into a foreign, cosmopolitan culture. With an abundance of international universities in Paris available for students, it may be easy to find a program that addresses your specific academic needs. Of course, there’s also the fun aspect! In your Full Degree in Paris programs downtime, you could have the opportunity to explore a new city and new a culture, which may give you stories and memories for years to come.

Studying in Paris, France

International Universities in Paris could make studying in Paris easier for students because they often offer classes in both English and French. You could have a multitude of options when it comes to degree concentrations: you could study coursework towards degrees in fashion design, international relations, business, accounting, and STEM subjects to name a few. Paris’ inclusion in a large, international, community could also give you opportunities to study not only the French perspective of your field, but other cultures’ as well.

Even better, with so many organizations and businesses located in the City of Lights, you might just get to see the theories you learn in the classroom put into action. Studying in Paris could give you access to future professional opportunities – instead of returning to your home country during breaks, you could consider pursuing an internship in Paris.

More Than Just Study Abroad

True, studying in Paris is a huge part of a degree program, but it leaves out the part where you could be living in the City of Lights. The experiences you have outside the classroom could be just as valuable to your personal development as the academic aspects that brought you to the country.

In terms of sights to see in your new home, you have more than a few choices. First, check out the Eiffel Tower. You have probably seen this iconic structure in numerous movies, TV shows, and books – seeing it in real life could be memorable! Snap some pictures of you picnicking at its base to make your friends and family jealous. And don’t forget Paris’ many museums. The Louvre is one the most famous art museums inside the city and home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, along with thousands of other works of art (and an impressive Egyptian collection!). Or simply walk along the Seine and take in some natural beauty.

While the sights aren’t to be missed, neither is the food! Paris is known for its gastronomy: in short, the cuisine is delicious! The city created the Michelin Guides, a rating system for exemplary restaurants around the world, because of their love of food. There are a few unique ways to sample French dishes: bistros and brasseries originated in Paris and are easily found throughout the city.

Don’t forget! At the end of the day, enjoy a glass of French wine. What other way could you sit back and think about everything you’ve seen in your adventures?

Full Degree in Paris​: Finding International Universities in Paris

By reading this page, you have already taken the first step to studying in Paris. What’s next? If you’re ready to continue your search for a degree program in Paris, France, browse the list of links below. When you find one (or many!) Full Degree in Paris programs that interest you, click through the link to request more information. To apply, do so through the program’s official page. A cosmopolitan city might be waiting for you, filled with educational opportunities and memorable experiences. Good luck finding a perfect program to study in Paris, today!