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Offers students an opportunity to explore how civil society actors use communication to achieve their goals.
Paris, France
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Full Degree
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Area, Ethnic & Cultural Studies

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Program Description:
Well-crafted communications strategies are central to the positioning of international organizations, national governments and the diverse range of actors composing civil society. As civil society's importance grows globally, understanding its dynamics is increasingly central for anyone who wishes to intervene on its terrain. AUP's MA in Global Communications and Civil Society (MGCS) meets this challenge by offering students an opportunity to explore how civil society actors use communication to achieve their goals. A cutting edge curriculum offers a combination of practical branding, PR, production and social media courses complemented by crucial theoretical and analytical courses treating actual cases. Students study specific issues of global civil society relating to broad categories of freedom and expression, advocacy, governance and the rule of law. The program is designed for both professionals seeking broader academic training and new students seeking a range of specific training and broad understanding. The theoretical part of this degree examines issues of power, political and institutional agency, discourse and mediated communication. Current trends in governance, non-state and civil society organization will be studied. In addition to equipping students with new or expanded communications skills, the hands on practical courses and modules enable students to think critically, on the basis of case studies, about interaction between the State, private business and the third sector. Themes studied include both internal and external communication in organizations. Practices have been run outside France in Morocco and India. Students will gain insight into communication between NGO members, within the NGO world and civil society, between NGOs, donors and governments, and between NGOs and the corporate world. Graduates gain: crucial theoretical and empirical knowledge of the dynamic interface of communication, globalization, and civil society from political science and communication studies. practical skills and knowledge for intervening in civil society’s communication processes, from video production to journalism, branding and PR. insight into the nature of communication inside NGOs, within NGO networks, and between NGOS, governments, journalists, citizens, and the corporate world. research training for specific issues in global civil society, which will provide expertise for future work in NGOs, government, and the private sector. The combined MA in Global Communications (MAC) and MA in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society Development (MIA) degree is a two-year program based on four full semesters at AUP. Students need to take 62 credits to complete the degree.

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