As a student, you’re committed to doing well academically to prepare yourself for a thriving future career and an internship may be an essential part of that professional preparation. These programs give you valuable work experience and real world examples of the lesson you learn in lectures and seminars. If you want to immerse yourself in a new culture or gain international experience, internships in Florence may be an ideal way for you to further enjoy your academic subject of interest and broaden your knowledge of real world industries. 

Choose the Length of Your Internships in Italy Stay

If you’ve already begun your course of study at your home university, you may be able to choose a program that fits well into your timetable. Internship lengths vary from a short summer program to a full academic year. Whether you want to stay for a few weeks or an entire semester, you could find a great match with just a little research.

How long should you stay? The answer to that will depend on what you want to accomplish. For example if you would like to become fluent in Italian, you may want to consider a longer stay or an intensive immersion program. You may also find options that provide an academic component to help you stay on track with your degree program.  

Choose the Focus of Your Internships in Florence, Italy Program

Internships in Florence, Italy vary greatly in focus, so no matter your major or specialization, you may be able to find a relevant and exciting program. Do you want to study well-known and historic art up close? Would you like to be an international intern for a developing fashion company? Do you want to focus on improving local communities with humanitarian projects?

With so many options, you have the opportunity to jumpstart your career with budding international professional network, learn more about your passions and explore the hidden treasures of Florence. As you’re researching ideal programs, think about the intangible values of the internships and how they align with your personal, academic and career goals.

Become Fluent in Italian

One of the greatest potential benefits of a study abroad program is the opportunity to develop fluency in another language. While in Florence, you may use your Italian at every corner and work on your accent with native speakers. Nothing helps you develop your conversational speaking skills like a healthy round of immersion. Plus, you might even learn some fun slang terms while picking up groceries from the local market.

Do you want to try your tongue at Spanish or Albanian too? Like many countries in Europe, Italy has a myriad of cultures and languages within its borders. English, French and Spanish are the most widely used languages outside of the country’s official language, Italian. Even if you don’t use another language daily, you may certainly have the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries with a quick train ride.

Gain International Work Experience

After you graduate, many of your job applications begin with a resume and perhaps a cover letter. You may have heard your siblings and friends mention needing experience even for entry-level positions and an internship Florence is a perfect way to get that professional background. An internship in Italy gives you international work experience and showcases you ability to adapt in a big way.

During your Italy internship program, you may focus on your tasks at hand and creating memories for years to come. However, after it’s over, your internship experience may help you jumpstart your career and get your foot in the professional door. It doesn’t hurt to stand out with your resume and an international internship might be a great way to do just that.