If you are a current college student or a recent graduate in search for a perfect way to gain practical knowledge of your desired industry, an internship in London program would be a wise choice. Securing a potential internship internationally could help you gain global knowledge of your desired career path, network with other industry professionals you might not meet otherwise and be afforded the opportunity to connect with other students or recent graduates from around the world. Those who secure an internship in London might very well have the competitive edge in their desired career once completing their internship program. Learn more about London Internships below!

Internship in London, England Programs | London InternshipsWhy Apply for an Internship in London Program?

Often colleges require some type of work experience prior to earning a degree which is where internships come into play. Of course, taking a paid internship in your home country may be the obvious choice to some students or recent graduates. But for those who seek a unique prospect to travel abroad and have the opportunity to gain real world experience in the career path they are interested in, an internship program in London might just be the perfect choice. London Internships have distinctive features that may fit the lifestyle or interest of a student or recent graduate. Such features include: internship length, the possibility of earning a stipend, company size and structure and many others.

If you are still hesitant here are some other experiential facets of an internship program in London.

  1. Over 30% of Londoners are not originally from the UK. This could potentially mean a multicultural learning and working environment for those who are accepted into an internship program.
  2. Most students who are accepted into an internship program in London are able to find the specific industry and career experience they might want or need.
  3. If English is your second language, London might be a great opportunity for you to not only practice your English but gain practical experience working in London’s international business market. This internship experience could possibly open up other international career opportunities for you in the future.

Did you know? Big Ben is the bell within the clock tower, not the clock tower itself.[i]

Connect with colleagues from around the world

London is often the temporary home for many international students from around the world. Because of this influx, an internship program in London might be the perfect choice for someone who desires practical work experience in their desired field as well as potentially interacting with other industry professionals from around the world. You industry and career goals may very well be shaped or specified after an internship program in London.

The language of business

It’s not uncommon for a college or university to require students to learn a foreign language before graduating. If English is your second language, London is a great place to flex your conversational skills in a professional setting. The potential of career growth past graduation and your internship program could increase if your working knowledge of the English language increases.

Financial Hub of Europe

London is considered the financial centre of the world and the most competitive place to do business.[ii] For students or recent graduates who desire a career in finance, accounting or any business related career might find that securing a potential internship program in London would be a wise choice.

Fashion Capital of the World

Burberry, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen. What do these designers all have in common? These are just a few of the London based fashion brands that have helped make London one of the fashion capitals of the world.[iii] Those who seek a degree or career in fashion design, fashion merchandising or fashion marketing might absolutely love an internship in London. Whether you are interning a spring semester, fall or an entire year there is a fashion week dedicated to each season. 

An unmatched global experience

Students and recent graduates benefit from internship programs by gaining desired working knowledge of the industry they wish to pursue after earning a degree. The unmatched global education you might have after securing a potential internship could very well shape your world view, work ethic and how you interact with people of different cultures.

The Perfect Internship in London Awaits You

For some students, a paid internship in their home country may be something that fits their needs. But there are other students who seek more to experience than just the work described. If the latter sounds like you, an internship program in London is the perfect choice no matter the potential career path. To look for specific internship programs in London, click the “select a term” and “select a work type” menus. There you will find internships that fit certain degrees and time frames. Enjoy your search for London internships.

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