Though Glasgow is not the capital city of Scotland, it is, nonetheless, its largest-and arguably its most important. Home to 600,000 residents (they're known as Glaswegians), it is the commercial center of Scotland, and the second largest retail center in the United Kingdom, after London, of course. Its central location in the country makes it easily accessible, a bonus for anyone planning on visiting or studying there.

Every year, more than 3 million tourists visit Glasgow, and the variety of activities they engage in is truly astounding. From wandering the streets and admiring the Victorian-era architecture to spending the day in some of the city's excellent museums and galleries, including '[t]he magnificent Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum in Kelvingrove, which houses the city's principal collection of paintings, and is Scotland's most frequently visited free attraction; [t]he Transport Museum, with its ever popular collection of Glasgow Trams, locomotives, [and] an exact reconstruction of a 1930's Glasgow street...St Mungo's Museum of Religious Life and Art, the UK's only museum celebrating the world's many religions; [and the] Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, a brand new gallery set in the refurbished Stirling's Library, and housing the city's principal modern art collection,' among many others. Glasgow is, indeed, a world-class city when it comes to its respect for and history in the arts.