If you are looking for a way to combine food, culture, travel and undergraduate academic credit, a Study Abroad in Italy Culinary Arts program should be at the top of your list! Italian gastronomic culture is known worldwide - from pizza and pasta to gelato and tiramisu.[i] Regional differences in ingredients and dishes lend flavor to studying culinary arts abroad in Italy. Whether you are hoping to study in Florence, Rome or Milan, soak up the local foodie scenes as you work to perfect your own cooking skills.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Italy Culinary Arts Undergraduate Program?

Italian cuisine is based on a Mediterranean diet, fresh ingredients and simplicity that might make a fantastic change of pace and palate for someone who lives in a fast-food oriented country. Choosing a Study Abroad in Italy Culinary Arts Program places you in a country rich in art, archaeology, fashion, design and the most traditional specialties protected under European Union Law[ii]. From olive oil, parmesan cheese, to espresso and wines, Studying Culinary Arts in Italy is likely to be an unforgettable part of earning an undergraduate degree.

FUN FACT: Want to say “good cooking” in Italian? Say ‘buona cucina.’

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