Costa Rica Spring Semester Programs

Fitting a tropical, international experience into your structured academic schedule might be easier than you think thanks to Costa Rica spring semester programs. You could continue some of the same scholastic pursuits as your home country, but with a distinctive Costa Rican spin. That might mean throwing yourself into your language studies in a Spanish speaking country, learning more about the unique conservation efforts of the jungle-laden country, or a myriad of other concentrations specific programs. While academics are an important part of choosing a study abroad program, you shouldn’t neglect the fun parts either! In Costa Rica, that means outdoor excursions, delicious home-cooked food, and warm temperatures year-round. When you start your spring semester in January, those could be some very tempting selling points!

Mild climate and strong academics calling your name? Then keep reading to find out more about spring study abroad Costa Rica programs.

Spring Studies in a Coast Rica Study Abroad Program

Many students are concerned that they will be unable to fit a study abroad experience into their structured academic schedule. However Costa Rica spring semester programs could be a great way to combine international travel with your scholastic pursuits. Studying in Costa Rica during your spring semester, you could essentially continue your studies as usual by pursuing similar courses to what you would take at home. You might even be able to potentially earn credits to put towards your concentration, just like you would in your home university. (Check with your school to see if your preferred program is eligible.) This way, there’s possibly no threat of you falling behind in your studies. In fact, during your time abroad, you might even gain a unique, Costa Rican perspective on your concentration that a textbook may not provide.

What exactly does “a unique Costa Rican perspective” mean, though? Glad you asked! The sunny, Central American country may offer opportunities that are influenced by its distinctive culture, traditions, and environment.  For example, if you’re studying Spanish, you might want to study in Costa Rica to fully immerse yourself into a Spanish speaking culture. You could go from learning in the classroom to testing your skills and knowledge in your time off as you explore the tropical country. Who would have thought that ordering a coffee at the local café could be considered studying? Also, STEM students may find research opportunities galore because of Costa Rica’s diverse biological population. The country’s flora and fauna might also be especially interesting for students who are interested in conservation. With so many national wildlife reserves throughout Costa Rica, you might be able to see at some conversation methods in action! What a great chance for a hands-on experience to study the effects of habitats on a species. Just think of all the stories, data, and research projects you could bring back with you to your home university!

Of course, this is just a small sampling of course options available in Costa Rica during the spring semester. Programs may be available in business, history, politics and more, each with a unique Costa Rican flair. Browse program listings below to see how you might experience a semester abroad without missing a beat of your studies.

Exploring Costa Rica in Springtime

Of course, Costa Rica’s nature isn’t just for studying – it’s also for adventuring . Spring studies means warm weather – which means plenty of time to get outdoors and explore Costa Rica’s tropical environment! Many of the country’s tourist sites involve a trek into nature, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or even ziplining. To sample a wide range of ecotourism, you might want to head to the towns of Monteverde and Santa Elena (don’t worry, they’re close to each other!). The two towns border cloud forests the are ripe for travelers to explore. Not only could you possibly see some of the unique wildlife that Costa Rica is known for, but you may also see rare, stunning views of the country from above the cloud line! Or, head to either Mal País or Santa Teresa where you could hang-ten at a great surfing destination. Few tourists know about these white sand beaches, so the waves might be yours for the taking.

If nature isn’t your scene, you might want to check out Costa Rica’s bustling cities! San José, Costa Rica’s capital, seems the obvious choice for sightseeing. Depending on your preferences, there’s plenty to do throughout the capital for everyone. Those seeking authentic Costa Rican culture might want to see a dramatic performance at the Teatro National. Tickets prices are usually affordable, so be sure to grab some good seats before the curtain rises! Or, perhaps you want to taste some of Costa Rica’s authentic dishes. In that case, head to the Mercado Bourbón and meander its narrow paths to find some great home cooking. You might be even able to bring some odd fruits back to your dorm to sample with other internationals. Of course, if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat at the market itself, you couldn’t go wrong with a hot plate of cosado a hearty lunch packaged neatly in a plantain leaf.  Who knows what new flavors you might find!

Next Steps to Find Costa Rica Spring Semester Programs

With this information, you might be more than ready to head to the tropical paradise of spring study abroad Costa Rica, but you have to pick a perfect program first! Continue scrolling further down this page to view a list of potential programs. ! You can also further refine your search by city with the menu above. To read a brief a description of the program, or request more information, click the associated link. Good luck finding a perfect spring semester Costa Rica program!