Summer Study Abroad in China Programs InformationStudents who would choose an educational and professional adventure over spending summer vacation at home might love the idea of a summer semester abroad in China. China is one of the most populated countries in the world.[i] A Summer Study Abroad in China program might be the experience you've been looking for.

Why Decide on a Summer Study Abroad in China Program?

If the prospect of a summer study abroad in China excites you, read on for some aspects you might experience in China and perhaps nowhere else in the world.

See the Sites of China

Whether you prefer your summers hot or mild, China is likely to have the climate you want to explore during your summer semester. Summer season in the southeast region of China often means rain, so stick to the northwest if that’s not your style.

China is home to many wonders of the world, most notably the Great Wall. The Great Wall stretches over 3000 miles across China, some parts are adequately cared or while other parts might be in great disrepair.[ii] Wherever you may find the Great Wall during your summer semester abroad in China, you will be in the presence of a part of the country’s ancient history.

Besides the Great Wall and the ornate temples scattered throughout the country, there are a variety of natural sites to see in China as well. For instance, Huanglong is a scenic area in the Sichuan region of China where you might find hot springs, waterfalls and other unusual bodies of water.[iii] Students who are studying environmental science, biology or someone who simply enjoys rare landscapes might thoroughly enjoy exploring beyond what might be labeled tourist traps in China.

The Capital City of Shanghai

Shanghai is a coastal metropolis and the capital city of China. Students who seek to study abroad but suffer the least amount of culture shock might appreciate Shanghai since it is authentically Chinese but embraces many western cultural ideals as well. The old and new worlds collide in Shanghai to make for one unique travel experience.

Many degree paths are likely to find a program in Shanghai for a summer semester abroad in China, so if the city life interests you that may be the place to go.

Opportunity to Learn Chinese

China is one of the most populated countries in the world. Students who are interested in a potential career abroad or perhaps a career at home with an international corporation might greatly appreciate an immersive language program in China during their summer semester abroad. If you are a complete beginner, don’t be discouraged! There may be a program for whatever level of proficiency you may be at currently.

Another way to learn Chinese in an immersive environment is to pursue a teach abroad program in China. You might gain experience teaching English to Chinese residents abroad while learning the Chinese language.

Spend Your Summer Abroad in China

The perfect summer study abroad program in China could be out there and you’ve come to the right place to look for it here on To search for specific programs that might fit your degree path and interests, check the drop down menus above. Your summer semester journey is only a click away. Enjoy your search!

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