Study Abroad in Gold Coast, Australia

With a large economy, a number of different universities and colleges, and near-perfect weather, choosing to study abroad in Gold Coast, Australia may provide you with a unique learning experience you won’t soon forget. You could find a number of opportunities to enhance your education, both in and out of the classroom with real world examples of the very subjects you’re studying. That is when you aren’t enjoying outdoor activities and taking advantage of the sunshine.

And don’t forget, while Gold Coast is a diverse and multicultural city that may provide plenty of opportunities for you to interact with other cultures, the most common language is English. That means you may not even need to learn a new language to interact with your classmates and professors. This may be a significant bonus for those who might be nervous about living abroad or falling behind in their studies.

Gold Coast may sound like a perfect place to study abroad but don’t jet off yet. Continue reading to learn more about what you might study abroad in Gold Coast. Then, click on any of the sponsored listings on this page for individual programs details.

Where is Gold Coast, Australia?

Gold Coast, Australia is located on the eastern coast of Australia, in the southeastern part of the state of Queensland, which is also known as the Sunshine State. That should reveal everything you need to know about the climate, which includes 300 days of sunshine per year! This helps make Gold Coast one of the top beach locations in the world, drawing more than 7 million international visitors a year. It’s a perfect location to spend a vacation, but also to study abroad, with a $25 billion economy and a number of great universities that offer programs that may enhance your academics and future career.

Popular Programs to Study in Gold Coast

Apart from continuing your studies (in English!) at universities in Gold Coast, you may have the added opportunity to see your subject of choice practiced in the real world! That’s because the region is currently transitioning from an economy completely reliant on tourism, to a knowledge and service-based economy. This may be something not available at home and could give your studies a new dimension. Plus you may get to see your how people in another culture approach your favorite subjects. This international perspective is, after all, one of the great parts of studying abroad!

Wondering what you might study in Gold Coast? Some of these most popular study abroad programs in Gold Coast include hotel management, healthcare, and architecture and engineering. Of course this isn’t all the city has to offer, so after reading about these programs, browse the sponsored listings below to see what other opportunities may be available. Then click on any program to learn more or even contact schools directly to request more information.

Study Hotel Management in Gold Coast

Welcoming close to 12 million total visitors every year, Gold Coast, Australia is a top tourist destination. This has led to a boom of beautiful hotels that range from the sprawling oasis of the Palazzo Versace to the towering Hilton Surfers Paradise. These, and the many other hotels, may provide you with firsthand opportunities to further enhance your in-class lessons. You might visit a few to see professionals in action. And some programs may even offer internship opportunities where you can put your new skills and knowledge to the test! Check with your preferred programs to see if this might be an option.

While studying in Gold Coast, some common courses in hotel management you may take include International Food and Beverage Management and Rooms Division Management. These courses might teach you the fundamental concepts of the daily operations of a hotel, as well as potentially prepare you for a management role. If this sounds exciting, then hotel management programs in Gold Coast may be perfect for you!

Study Healthcare in Gold Coast

Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in Gold Coast, as of 2011, and provides over 25,000 jobs in the city.i Why not take your studies there to immerse yourself in the thick of it? With many different universities offering courses in healthcare and a number of large hospitals, such as the Gold Coast University Hospital, choosing to study healthcare in Gold Coast may be a perfect opportunity for you!

While taking courses in healthcare, you may develop an introductory understanding of the skills and knowledge needed for beginner practice, as well as some best practices and techniques. In Gold Coast, you might be exposed to the latest techniques and able to observe the evolution of this quickly developing industry. Click on any of the below listings to learn more and find a program that might take your healthcare studies to the next level.

Architecture and Engineering Programs in Gold Coast

In recent years, Gold Coast has approved, completed, or planned roughly $13 billion in infrastructure projects. That’s a lot of opportunities for you to potentially see your classroom studies put into action! Planned projects include Gold Coast Airport extensions, high-rise apartment towers, and a hotel and casino. In class, you could develop your creative problem solving skills to design functional, technical, and aesthetic structures under the tutelage of knowledgeable professors. Then take your studies to the streets to see Gold Coast’s latest designs.

These are just a few of the programs that may be available in Gold Coast, Australia. You might also study accounting, advertising, computer design and more. Browse the listings below to evaluate your options and find a program that might be perfect for you!

Top Things to do in Gold Coast, Australia

Of course studying abroad in Gold Coast could offer more than just great academics. There may be a

As a top tourist destination in Australia, Gold Coast offers many ways for you to spend downtime between your classes, or distract you from your studies entirely! Most of these focus on taking advantage of the extraordinary weather and the unique aspects of the Australian landscape. You could visit the many beaches of the Gold Coast, hike and explore the nearby rainforest, and discover wildlife parks. And don’t forget to check with your preferred program to see if planned excursions are available. The hardest thing about study abroad in Gold Coast programs might not be the academics but deciding how to spend your off time!

Gold Coast Beaches

With miles and miles of some of the best beaches in the world, Gold Coast earned its name for a reason. Some of the top Gold Coast beaches include:

  • Burleigh Beach
  • Currumbin Beach
  • Budds Beach
  • Rainbow Bay
  • Kirra Beach

Whether you’re looking for a quiet beach to relax, or you’re searching for some of the most challenging waves in the world, the beaches of Gold Coast provide plenty of opportunities for you to fill your time between classes. If you study abroad in Gold Coast, these beaches could practically be in your backyard. You can even bring your books to study while soaking up all the sunshine!

Rainforests in Gold Coast

All of the sunshine doesn’t just produce a ton of great beach days. It has also helped create one of the most extensive subtropical rainforests in the world. Just a short distance from the sandy shores you can find the Gondwana Rainforest, consisting of the Springbrook and Lamington National Parks.

There, you could explore the rainforest with walking trails scattered with waterfalls, ancient fauna, and rare species. There’s also the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, which takes you to a viewing platform over Cedar Creek. The Gondwana Rainforest may provide you a perfect opportunity to explore some of the natural wonders of Australia while taking a break from learning new skills and knowledge – just don’t forget to return to the classroom!

Zoos, Sanctuaries, and Wildlife Parks in Gold Coast, Australia

Another great way for you to explore the unique wildlife of Australia is through visiting some of the many zoos, sanctuaries, and wildlife parks located in and around Gold Coast. Some of these include:

  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • David Fleay Wildlife Park
  • Australia’s Sea World

At some of these parks, you could see Australia’s animal life in their natural setting, as well as have the opportunity to snuggle with a koala or feed a kangaroo. These types of hands-on experiences may provide you with opportunities to interact with wildlife like you never have before. That’s definitely an experience to write home about!

These are just a few of the many ways you could spend your time while studying abroad in Gold Coast. Ask your new classmates for their personal favorites or simply explore the streets of your new neighborhood. You never know what you might find!

Take the Next Step to Study Abroad in Gold Coast, Australia!

If you choose to study abroad in Gold Coast, you could take advantage of all it has to offer - from top universities and colleges, a number of different programs to study, and opportunities for firsthand experience outside the classroom. Plus, there are many outdoor activities for you to enjoy the sunshine. On top of everything, you won’t even need to learn a new language to interact with your classmates and professors!

Picture yourself soaking up the sun and studying in Gold Coast, then click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn more about individual programs. There, you can see program descriptions, courses you may take, and can even contact the school directly. Don’t forget to check with your current school to make sure that all of your credits will transfer. Then, enjoy studying abroad in Gold Coast!

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