Full Degree Abroad in Australia | Australia Study Abroad ProgramsWhen a vacation or short-term study abroad program just won’t do, consider earning your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree abroad in Australia. Doing so could enable you to spend two to six years exploring a great country while also earning your degree. Australia study abroad programs may present to you a wonderful academic and personal opportunity.

Why Earn My Degree through an Australia Study Abroad Program?

There are many reasons to consider studying in Australia while you pursue your degree. One might be your personal connection to the country—perhaps you’ve been there before or fallen in love with the idea of living there; another reason might be your desire for an adventure into the great unknown. Or, perhaps you simply want to earn your degree in an English-speaking country that boasts a more westernized flavor. Whatever your reasons for pursuing your degree in Australia, here are some additional great reasons to do so:  

The Natural Beauty: There’s no shortage of natural beauty in Australia. The country is incredibly biodiverse and boasts deserts, tropical rainforests, coastlines, and more. While studying abroad in Australia, you might snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, explore the swampy wetlands of Kakadu, wander Fraser Island, or behold the sites of sandstone and other formations such as Uluru, the Pinnacles, the Twelve Apostles, or the Three Sisters. No matter where you are in Australia, you’re likely to enjoy an abundance of natural beauty.  

The Culture: Australia’s cultural flavor derives from its unique Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, British, and geographical influences. Theatre is quite popular, and between your studies you might watch Aboriginal people perform elements of the Aboriginal Dreamtime or actors portray the country’s Western history. You might enjoy comedy shows (often based in satire), musicals, or plays that explore the paradoxes of Australian history. Music and the visual arts are also quite popular, and you can enjoy aboriginal, folk, and other varieties of each. These are just some of the many cultural experiences you might enjoy in Australia.    

The Food: While in Australia, you may want to carve out a piece of the country’s pie. Meat pies—a favored staple for many Australians—traditionally consist of layers of beef or deer, gooey cheese, and flaky pastry. Many are infused with fruit flavors and ale. You might also try Lamington, a sponge-cake filled with jam and dipped in chocolate and coconut. Sausage rolls, potato cakes, and beer-battered fish ‘n chips might round out your tried-and-true foods while you study abroad in Australia. (And, while much of Australian cuisine centers on meat, fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts—many of which are available in seasonal farmer’s markets—are also amongst Australians’ favorites).

The Opportunity: Earning your degree in Australia may present a unique opportunity to settle in and enjoy a wonderful country. By spending a significant amount of time in one place, you may engage with the community—both on campus and in your home city—in a way that is difficult in a short summer or semester abroad program. Plus, you might be able to devote your breaks from school to traveling throughout the country and seeing its many sites.

While In Australia Be Sure To:  

  • Book a tour or see a show at the Sydney Opera House
  • Travel along the Great Ocean Road to see some of the country’s most beautiful coastline (and perhaps jump into the ocean with a surfboard or kayak)
  • See koalas in the Pinnacle Desert
  • Make the Sydney Bridge Climb (unless you’re afraid of heights!)
  • Head to New Zealand to explore the Cave of Wonders and the beautiful countryside 

Find a Full Degree Abroad in Australia

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