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Integrate knowledge of the biological, psychological and social aspects of human sexuality into your professional discipline.
Perth, Australia
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Social & Personality Psychology

Program Overview

Program Description:
This course will provide you with specialist knowledge and skills in the area of human sexuality. You will explore recent research into biological, psychological and social aspects of human sexuality and learn to integrate this knowledge into your professional discipline. It will stream your studies into counselling, education or research. If you are interested in more than one of these areas we can arrange for additional information to be provided. Graduates should have a comprehensive knowledge of recent research examining the biological, psychological and social aspects of human sexuality. It is anticipated that on completion of the program, graduates will be able to integrate this specialisation into their professional discipline, and be conversant in the key aspects of sexology as a public health issue. Complementary study in research methods is included. Media material of a sexually graphic nature is utilised in this course.

Additional Program Information

Graduates are eligible for membership of the Australian Society of Sexuality Educators Researchers and Therapists (ASSERT), which is a member of the World Association for Sexual Health. Graduates may obtain a specialist title as a Sexuality Therapist, Sexuality Educator and/or Sexuality Researcher through ASSERT after completion of supervision requirements. Requirements for such titles in other countries differ.
Master and PgDip - A bachelor degree in a professional health field, social work or welfare studies, psychology, theology, education, biological sciences or behavioural sciences, including sociology or anthropology.