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Graduate Diploma in Choreography (1 year coursework)The course consists of six subjects exploring creative processes, compositional skills, interdisci
Melbourne, Australia
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Full Degree
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Performing Arts

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Graduate Diploma in Choreography (1 year coursework)
The course consists of six subjects exploring creative processes, compositional skills, interdisciplinary practice, improvisation, planning and development processes.It provides the students with an opportunity for individual specialisation. Students may negotiate their own programs to reflect particular interest areas within the parameters of the subjects offered. The first semester emphasises practical and theoretical class work; the second semester increases the focus on the student's own special interest area.

Graduate Diploma in Animateuring (1 year coursework)
A one year course in cross-modal performance based in the schools of dance and drama involving skills development in both disciplines. Animateuring involves the creation of new performances through :
-the mobilisation of expressive, artistic and imaginative faculties in a variety of artistic and community contexts; -the capacity to work within and across art forms; The animateur is a skilled performance artist with a central commitment to artistic leadership. He or she may be involved in various ways with the processes of creation, direction, facilitation and performance. The role played is a pivotal one, with the success measured not only in artistic terms, but other indicators such as level of community support, participation, ownership and achievement of social and political goals.

Master of Choreography (1.5 years research)
This course is designed to facilitate proficiency in research, performance development and performance realisation in dance choreography. It provides short courses in research methodology, forums for the presentation and review of student research and supports secondments to other institutions, organisations or to relevant projects in the VCA.

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