4 Reasons to Engage in a Service Learning or Internship Placement Abroad

As the workplace becomes more global — and more emphasis is placed on intercultural communication — setting yourself apart in the job market is more important than ever. While study abroad is an incredible way to heighten any résumé, a service learning or internship placement abroad takes these invaluable skills to an entirely new level.

Engage with the culture on another level

5 Tips For Living in Paris

As a CEA Alumni Ambassador, my job often includes talking about my own study abroad experience in Paris. I completely fell in love with France from day one, but being a foreigner in any country takes some getting used to. Here are five tips that are guaranteed to make people mistake you for the ultimate Parisian from the moment you arrive on French soil:

1. Bring reusable bags

Do not Panic: How to Have a Safe Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad is exciting — you get to learn about a new city, a new culture, and a new way of life. But the number one concern I hear from students’ parents has to be “What about safety?” This question is especially common when students study abroad in a city that’s much larger than their college town back home.

But don’t worry: Many safety concerns simply come down to common sense.

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