A few days ago, I received an email from one of my good friends from Australia informing me of her upcoming arrival to Boston. My excitement over seeing Hilary next week reminded me of the wonderful times I enjoyed in Australia that I never shared!

Staying in Geelong, Australia will always remain one of my favorite moments in Australia! Now, if you asked many native Australians, they would be confused as to how I could thoroughly enjoy Geelong. This small city is definitely not a tourist destination since it resembles the traditional American suburb. But my friend, Kristina, invited me to her home for Easter break and I could not say no. It was either spend the break lonely at Newman College or spend it with a great friend and her family. Of course, I chose the first option.  On my way there, I took the train to Geelong and got lost. After asking several train officers, I eventually found my correct path.  The train station's architecture resembled a grayish metallic tone.



When I finally arrived in Geelong, Kristina's family welcomed me with open arms and prepared a special meal for me. I can honestly say, her family made the best fried fish I ever ate in my life. Till this day, I still think about that fish from time to time. That first night, they showed me to my room and then we ventured out to visit some of their family owned property. We had a quick tennis match with her brother and I saw their many apples trees. 



On Easter day, we woke up early and had an easter hunt. The easter bunny neglected to visit me in years, so this was definitely a treat. Afterwards, we prepared the table for dinner and waited for more of Kristina's family to arrive. The food came in copious amounts; everything was delicious. After dinner, I was sure that her family would need to roll me out of my chair and back to my room. 


That night, it was time for us to turn up and have a good time! Her family wanted to show me how Geelong's nightlife contrasted starkly to that of Melbourne. We met up with Kristina's friends and went to a bar in their downtown area. We waited in this is enormously long line until we were finally allowed inside. Oddly enough, we ran into a few of the students from Newman College at this bar. "What a Small world" I thought! We danced the night away while a live band serenaded us with their rock-inspired music. Overall, we had a great night and I was partied out by 1am. 



Staying with Kristina's family definitely made me nostalgic for own, but I would never change this time for anything. This trip away from Melbourne definitely inspired me to visit more places around Australia and even venture to Asia. 


(PS: A really great travel site that I find useful is: http://www.flightnetwork.com/blog/category/awesome-tips/)