Granada, With Love


Picking up and leaving home for 3 months seemed a lot easier before I had to start packing and get on the plane. Eventually I would be landing in a foreign country alone, uncomfortable with the language and waiting for someone to pick me up and take me to my house for the next few months.

Before the Tarmac: Studying Abroad

Studying abroad will be a rewarding experience, but more goes into pre-departure planning than just what goes in your suitcase. Once abroad, you’ll want to focus on relaxing (and studying of course!), so it’s worth making careful preparations in advance to avoid being caught off-guard. Here are three “before you go” tasks you can’t afford to forget.

Cellphone policy:

A Glimpse into Tico Culture

My conscience has been exposed to a different perspective on what it means to be American. Here in the United States, I’m used to “American” meaning a nationality bounded within the barriers of this country, but as I traveled south of the U.S., I was reminded that the term defines numerous other languages and nations, including Costa Rica.

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