Traveling Like a Local, With the Locals


On the day I left for San José, I took a car to the airport, a plane to another airport, another airplane to the airport in Costa Rica, a van to my host family’s house, then I took a nap. Total travel time: over 10 hours.

When I decided to study abroad, I conveniently forgot about how much time and stress I was going to slog through to begin my new life abroad. After all, you’ve got to do a lot of pre-traveling before you can do some real traveling.

Buenos Aires: Everything You Need to Know


If you’ve chosen Buenos Aires as your study abroad destination, then you’ve made a great decision that you certainly won’t regret! I think about my study abroad experience in Argentina often and long to return one day. Not only is Buenos Aires such a unique, dynamic and entertaining city, but there are other fantastic trips you can take within the region. 

Paris in the Fall


Studying abroad in Paris during fall semester of my junior year was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life. Originally, I chose to study abroad in the fall because it was easier during that particular semester, but I ended up loving fall in Paris—mainly because of the gorgeous weather and the opportunity to spend time outdoors—but for many more reasons as well:

Outdoor Adventures in Provence, France

For many visitors to Provence, recollections of gastronomic delights may linger in the memory for at least as long as thoughts of lavender or impressions of Cezanne’s brushstrokes. I must admit that I too am often struck by these salivation-inducing memories; a tender steak larger than my head and croissants that practically melted in my mouth being two particular favorites.  However for me, many of my favorite culinary experiences weren’t delicate morsels creatively crafted by clever chefs in charming city cafés; instead, they were simple meals that I enjoyed in some incredible places. I’ve always thought that food tastes better when you've earned it and that a great view gives any meal that much more flavor, and I took every opportunity to test this theory when I was in France. I’ll finally wrap up this stomach-driven introduction and get to the point: Southern France has some killer places to picnic.

Coming Soon, Judy's Updates

Judy who is an Accounting Major and Photography Minor is Junior at Baruch College. This is her first time traveling to Korea and although she has no knowledge of the Korean language, she is excited to embrace the culture and language, and see how this experience will change her.  For the trip she will bring along her 35mm film camera, her slr camera and her digital camera to capture every special moment and to document her life in Korea.