Are you passionate about studying criminology or criminal justice? Curious how studying abroad might fit into your program? You may want to Study criminal justice abroad or criminology abroad, as it may have a lot to offer you. Whether you are looking to earn a degree abroad, study for a semester, summer, or year, in a way that supports your current degree program. Studying criminal justice abroad may offer you the opportunity to examine how legal and social issues may be affected by the context of a unique culture.

Why Study Criminal Justice Abroad?

Criminal justice is inextricably tied not only to the laws of a region or country, but also to its culture, history and traditions. Studying abroad programs in criminal justice may grant you the opportunity not only to understand how other countries and cultures deal with these issues, but also to understand how people in other cultures may relate to issues related to criminal justice. On top of this, you may be able to practice your language skills, building fluency both professionally and socially, but also to immerse yourself in a new culture, gaining valuable international experience.

Depending on the type of program opportunities you are looking for, studying abroad may have a lot to offer. You may be able to work alongside or study under respected professionals in the field of criminal justice, gain valuable observation or field experience, or even pursue internship or volunteer experience.