There is never an end to the exciting sites that you may see in England, such as viewing the sunset from the London Eye or wandering through Westminster Abbey. If you’re considering the option to teach abroad in England, a world-class education system with excellent possibilities for career enhancement, teaching in England may be just the ideal opportunity to explore Europe and experience living abroad. There are thousands of people in multicultural Britain who want to learn various languages; you may be the one to teach them. A teaching job in England may also serve as a stepping-stone to future career possibilities by exposing you to experiences that may build confidence for professional endeavors.

The education system in London and the United Kingdom provides a lot of flexibility including where teachers may elect to work. Many jobs are located in the greater London area, but there may be opportunities in the smaller cities. The curriculum in England is very easy to follow and straightforward, which may allows international teachers to assimilate into the culture quickly. Holidays are reasonably extensive, with many breaks being offered. Teaching jobs in England may provide the thrill of working in a different education system while preserving a definite connection with systems in North America.

Teaching Jobs in England

There are two common routes for teaching in England: supply teaching and long-term positions. Supply teaching is a traditional alternative for teachers who are new to the UK. It may enable them to work in a variety of diverse schools and accumulate experience teaching the British curriculum. It may also offer flexible schedules. The other direction is long-term teaching positions. England has a high need for teachers, and long-term positions may enable them to identify where they will be teaching. It is frequently an appealing choice for those who have already been supply teachers or prefer to work in just one school.

To teach abroad in England, you will need a TEFL Org UK certificate and a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.[i] [ii] In England, a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) is the traditional certification for teachers. Teachers must pass standardized exams and complete specific training to achieve QTC. Those intending to teacher longer than four years in the UK must complete a year under the supervision of a principal or teacher at their institution to earn an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) status. Upon successful fulfillment of an NQT year, an international teacher may be awarded the QTS.

Benefits if You Teach Abroad in England

England offers an enticing blend of old-world charm and modern attractions. You may find that there is always something to do and see, and teachers in England may have various opportunities for international travel during holidays and breaks because of its proximity to mainland Europe.

Teaching abroad may be a very flexible job that allows you to work full-time, teach night classes, or design courses to fit your schedule. Teaching jobs in England may be available for many age ranges. Young individuals might decide to teach in England to help fund their student experiences, or retirees may choose to see Europe and earn some extra cash in their retirement.

Getting Started Teach Abroad in England

There may be many methods for teaching abroad in England. Though a lot of the prospects and paths might be varied, a considerable portion of the attraction of teaching abroad is its flexibility. Whether you're looking for a short-term travel adventure or long-term career path, a teaching job in England may enable you to obtain a teaching position that satisfies your personal goals and lifestyle. Feel free to visit our Resources section if you need more help exploring teaching jobs in England.